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  1. Hi , sorry if didn't help. >> When I create an ftrack_api.Session in the Python session, I get a warning message: 'WARNING:ftrack_api.plugin.discover:Failed to load plugin from "/MyCodeLocation/connect_plugin_hook.py": No module named ftrack'. Should I be concerned? looks like you are somehow mixing legacy and new api? ftrack_api -> new ftrack -> legacy Try removing legacy code, so you can get rid of one of the imports. >> However, the web UI is not reflecting the filesystem prefix looks like you have somehow customised the paths, so I'm wondering, are these hooks still available in connect: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-connect/src/cd3096b1dad417e9a65cd41835f4fd3d5bb439ba/resource/hook/?at=master in case you can try add some prints the resolve.py hook and see why does not build the path in the web ui. >> Is the fact that I'm launching ftrack-connect from a terminal prompt causing the screwiness? nope
  2. Hi @L Smallwood, as far as I can understand you are trying to have some ftrack-connect plugins for custom location up and running while having ftrack connect up. First thing first , locate the plugin directory clicking with right mouse button on the panel icon of ftrack and click -> Open Plugin Directory once the folder is open , in there you can start adding your custom code . I've attached some code that should try to register a custom location called "my.custom" Hope it helps. L. p.s please note , the code I provided is simpler than https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-example-location/src/114a8deeb307de10bc479c3cdeb0a857f842522d/hook/connect_plugin_hook.py?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default as retains the structure code in the same folder. custom_location.tar.gz
  3. Hi All ! If anyone is interested the repo has been updated with ftrack_studio 0.7.5 Cheers. L.
  4. Hi Jerome, looks like you are having some issues with Qt and / or PySide. Could you provide some specs about what os you are using , what version and whether you can import qt and pyside and where are these installed ? Thanks!
  5. Hi all and Happy New Year ! With the experience built in the past years helping various offices setting up ftrack, I decided to wrap a rez repository where to collect all the needed bits and pieces to have ftrack_studio running as rez package. The repository can be accessed here http://git.efestolab.uk/rez/rez-ftrack for now while in development. (planning to move it later to bitbucket) The long time plan is to make this repo able to support all the needed platform and systems supported by ftrack , but at the moment I'm focusing mostly on linux. The installation is somehow tedious as the packages have to be installed in a certain order, I'm looking into a more automated system though, but is really not a priority. (check the readme to see the actual installation order) In order to make the default application work off the shelf , a custom package called ftrack_hook_override is provided, and original hooks are disabled. If you manage to install all, you can then run : $ rez-env ftrack_studio > $ ftrack_studio At the moment I'm matching the dependencies for the latest (2.7.3) version, and all the connector plugins are loaded by default (this might change later , to allow more dynamic settings). If you have any questions or issues please let me know ! L. P.s At the moment you need to have already available the basic packages such as qt, pyside and python installed as rez-packages. Please, bare in mind is currently in development, so things might be changing fast, and some packages might still be missing. If you think you can help , please do ! Below the resolution package for ftrack_studio 2.7.3 requested packages: ftrack_studio ~platform==linux (implicit) ~arch==x86_64 (implicit) ~os==Fedora-27 (implicit) resolved packages: appdirs-1.4.0 /home/efestolab/packages/appdirs/1.4.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) arch-x86_64 /home/efestolab/packages/arch/x86_64 (local) arrow-0.10.0 /home/efestolab/packages/arrow/0.10.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) backports_ssl_match_hostname- /home/efestolab/packages/backports_ssl_match_hostname/ (local) chardet-3.0.4 /home/efestolab/packages/chardet/3.0.4/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) clique-1.5.0 /home/efestolab/packages/clique/1.5.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect-1.1.2 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect/1.1.2/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_foundry-1.1.0 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_foundry/1.1.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_hieroplayer-1.2.0 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_hieroplayer/1.2.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_legacy_plugins-1.1.0 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_legacy_plugins/1.1.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_maya-1.1.1 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_maya/1.1.1/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_nuke-1.1.2 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_nuke/1.1.2/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_nuke_studio-1.1.1 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_nuke_studio/1.1.1/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_rv-3.7 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_rv/3.7/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_hook_overrides-0.0.1 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_hook_overrides/0.0.1/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_location_compatibility-0.3.2 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_location_compatibility/0.3.2/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_python_api-1.3.3 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_python_api/1.3.3/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_python_legacy_api-3.6.2 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_python_legacy_api/3.6.2/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_studio-2.7.3 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_studio/2.7.3/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) idna-2.6 /home/efestolab/packages/idna/2.6/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) lucidity-1.5.0 /home/efestolab/packages/lucidity/1.5.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) os-Fedora-27 /home/efestolab/packages/os/Fedora-27 (local) platform-linux /home/efestolab/packages/platform/linux (local) pyparsing-2.2.0 /home/efestolab/packages/pyparsing/2.2.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) pyside-1.2.2 /mnt/zeus/storage/rez/packages/rez-base/pyside/1.2.2 python-2.7.14 /mnt/zeus/storage/rez/packages/rez-base/python/2.7.14/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/os-Fedora-27 python_certifi-2017.11.05 /home/efestolab/packages/python_certifi/2017.11.05/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) python_dateutil-2.6.1 /home/efestolab/packages/python_dateutil/2.6.1/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) qt-4.8.6 /mnt/zeus/storage/rez/packages/rez-base/qt/4.8.6 qtext-0.2.0 /home/efestolab/packages/qtext/0.2.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) qtpy-0.3.4 /home/efestolab/packages/qtpy/0.3.4/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) requests-2.18.4 /home/efestolab/packages/requests/2.18.4/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) riffle-0.3.0 /home/efestolab/packages/riffle/0.3.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) shiboken-1.2.2 /mnt/zeus/storage/rez/packages/rez-base/shiboken/1.2.2 six-1.11.0 /home/efestolab/packages/six/1.11.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) urllib3-1.22 /home/efestolab/packages/urllib3/1.22/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) websocket_client-0.46.0 /home/efestolab/packages/websocket_client/0.46.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local)
  6. Hi @arsancube & @3g0! This morning I put myself on trying to debug what's going on with maya 2018(.1) and I think it might all boil down to have visual studio 2017 redistributable installed : https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746572 Can someone with this issue give it a shot and report back please ? Thanks !
  7. hi @arsancube checked now on maya 2018.1 (under linux) and does not hang. The ftrack integration also seems to be working fine for what I did check. does it hand if you simply run maya without connect ? L.
  8. Hi guys, being a code hoarder as I am, I've been forking the project: https://bitbucket.org/efestolab/ftrack-connect-houdini Note, for what I've seen this project requires some love, and might be breaking. If you do fix stuff, please open PR and I'll be happy to review and merge them. Cheers. L. P.s the original project seems still accessible at : https://bitbucket.org/mikedatsik_dev/ftrack-connect-houdini
  9. Hi Mike, the QT_PREFERRED_BINDING should be a list, as is the order it tries to import (from qt.py directly). Should not be needed to have conditionals settings, it should try to import and keep checking if fails (mind trying without your check ?) https://github.com/mottosso/Qt.py/blob/master/Qt.py#L1417 I'll have a closer look, but I fear having various PySide versions installed might be triggering this. Cheers. L.
  10. Hi Mike, out of curiosity, do you have pyside/qt installed on your local system somewhere ? if so can you check what version do you have ? Thanks
  11. HI, is supported in both 2017 and 2016. Not from the website though but from within the folder I pointed you over. Ftrack does recompile the plugin for new max versions for you. L.
  12. Hi Yipeng, it seems the exocortex plugin did not get loaded somehow. the plugin for max 2016 is located in : resource/ExocortexCrate/2016 (http://ftrack-connect-3dsmax.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/installing/alembic.html) Please have a look a the official exocortex 3dsmax installation here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/14tqnJ3Q7QvXf7vEwT1TjuAy3X6BELR906fQI1PACkiw/edit#heading=h.65dngkyc9y46 Hope it helps. Cheers. L.
  13. Hi Ian, I just tested what I think is the workflow you are using: 1) create a scene with a bunch of assets imported as reference thorugh import asset. 2) select few assets and export the selection (ftrack nodes included) 3) create a new scene and import the exported file 4) update assets. 5) publish the scene. Using this workflow I can't see many issues. Now on better workflows.... if you don't want to get you hand dirty with scripting I think you have a good one, otherwise you could go down this like: Create a custom layout asset which keeps the asset and their world location as metadata (no phisical file on disk). something like: [{'name': 'something', 'assetId': XXXXXXXXXX, pos:[XXX, YYY, ZZZ], version: XX}] Then with a custom import you could be able to select which one you want to import in a new scene (this could be loading the latest approved version of the given assetid or the set one), and position it on XX, YY, ZZ in your scene. the benefit of this approach is that you'd end up with a layout file which could be shared between applications (maya, nuke, max , houdini etc..), and allow you import it directly with the right version rather to have to update once imported. Hope it helps. L.
  14. Hi @tokejepsen found a workaround for now, see whether does work for you. # in your hook def get_task_data(event): cwd = os.path.dirname(__file__) data = event["data"] data["command"].append(os.path.join(cwd, 'fileload.py')) return data # in the same folder in a file called fileload.py from ftrack_connect_nuke.ui.legacy import scan_for_new_assets import nuke nuke.addOnScriptLoad(scan_for_new_assets) nuke.scriptOpen('/home/efesto/Desktop/<myfile>.nk') I'll keep checking for a better solution but I'm not sure whether this is a nuke or an ftrack issue. Please let me know if this does work for the time being. L.
  15. cheers. I was checking now passing launchArguments to the nuke hook but couldn't get to make it work. L.