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  1. Subtasks are a requested feature, but one workaround for us has been to create a Task Group object and treat that as a task, and it contains Tasks (that play the role of subtasks). However, when we want to create Task Templates, we can't include other objects such as Folders/TaskGroups in these templates. The feature request is to: include objects in Task Templates, AND have the ability to make the Tasks subjects of such Folders/Objects This would make the replication of common tasks / workflows a lot easier and more organized. As presently, have to create the Task
  2. Hi Fredrik, It's been a year since we requested this. Any luck with progress on this? Thanks, Jack
  3. Hi Fredrik, I considered doing a download/rip myself but figured it would probably be something other local install users might need as well. Thanks again. /Jack
  4. Hi Guys, Great job with support.ftrack.com as a new member to the ftrack community, I can see our team needing to refer to it quite often. Given that one of the reasons for opting for a local installation, is to keep our network disconnected from the internet - team members would have to use a separate web-connected workstation to access the docs. While we have this available for reference, it is quite inconvenient as they can't simply switch tabs between the support docs and their ftrack account. They'd have to go back and forth between stations. It would be great to have a downloadable
  5. Hi Fredrik, That's fantastic, good to know that something like this is already in the works. Look forward to it's release. Thanks, Jack
  6. Hello all, It would be great to have a checklist tab (as illustrated in the attachment) or a note which can be pinned to the top that allows us to add a checklist. This serves as a way for team members to further break down tasks, plan and report back progress. It also allows for a more granular approach to task division and planning without creating numerous additional tasks. The problem with just mentioning a list of things to do / correct / adjust in notes is that items can quickly get buried / separated or lost in a series of responses. Thanks, Jack
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