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  1. Hi Stanislav - this makes sense. I will raise this as a feature request with the team and something for us to consider when improving the mobile app.
  2. Sorry, I'm not sure I follow - can you get a percentage complete from the "Upcoming dates" widget? Perhaps you could add some screen grabs to explain.
  3. I'm afraid that the tabs visible in the Sidebar cannot be limited per role, and the flexibility that you have is to restrict a user from accessing a project.
  4. I'm afraid there is no progress on this. However, it would be possible to automate reporting through the API to reduce the manual work
  5. I'm afraid there is no PDF export support from the API but it might be something that we consider for the future.
  6. Hi, when you access the task the second time it will already be cached in memory (along with the name) by the API. But if you explicitly fetch it with the appropriate projections every time you should get fresh data: item = session.query('select name from Task where id is {0}'.format(entity['entityId'])).one() Make sure to include the projections (name) as that otherwise will be cached.
  7. I'm afraid that it is not possible to display a link in that place as only the sidebar will display the markdown as html. I will raise this as a feature request with the team.
  8. Hi again Stanislav, I've discussed this with the team and we all agree it is a reasonable feature request. We have added this as a use-case to be considered when improving the filters in Overview.
  9. Hi Eric, I'm afraid that this is not available for notes. To get the latest notes from the project the quickest way would be to open the Project sidebar and the note tab.
  10. Hi Tim, could you provide a small example script that produces the "no module named id". Try to keep the example small and self-contained.
  11. Mattias Lagergren


    Nothing new I'm afraid, I will re-raise the question with the team.
  12. Hi Tim, if you do not get a response here on the community forum you can always contact us through the support chat or by emailing support[at]
  13. Hi, thank you for this input. I will forward this feedback to the team for future considerations.
  14. Hi Eric, as of now it is possible to control the notifications by assigning managers to the folders / project, or through assigning users to the tasks directly. We're considering changes to notifications in future versions of ftrack and will take this feedback into consideration. Meanwhile it is possible to listen to changes in ftrack with the API and generate emails or inbox messages. Let me know if you want to get some more information on this.
  15. Hi and welcome to the forums. I'm afraid it is not possible at the moment - only Name or Date and search is possible.
  16. Hi and thank you for your questions, I will do my best to answer them: If by "team" you mean a group, I'm afraid that this is not the case. In the future we want to rework how the notifications work, and allow more flexibility. No, dependencies does not affect how notes are displayed - but I can understand the use-case behind this. Not that I'm aware of, if you find any it would be interesting to know!
  17. Interesting, it would be great to know if you can find how to reproduce this. The query projections, or how the component is retrieved should not affect anything so if that is the case it sounds like you've found a bug.
  18. This looks very odd - could you provide the following information and I will try to reproduce it here: Run this "print server_location.accessor" What version of the ftrack-python-api do you run? A small script to reproduce it, including the session creation, etc. See - please make sure to remove api keys etc.
  19. Hi Den, the object types in ftrack "Sequence", "Shot" etc. are flexible and can be modified or you could add new ones. I.e. you can have another workflow where it makes sense to have folders in folders.
  20. Hi Tim, may I ask what the reason is for overriding the whole dialog? Sometimes it is enough to listen to project creation and pop up an Action UI with additional information that should be entered.
  21. Hi Remus, as of now this is not possible. What criteria would you like to use; status / asset type or something else?
  22. It is indeed as Toke says, the idea here is that the asset version should be available for API usage: adding components, et.c. without being visible in the UI. As for notifications I suspect that those will be generated before it is "published".
  23. Hi Toke, this is odd - Nuke 11 should be supported. We have turned off the web widgets due to lack of necessary libraries. If you run a vanilla, downloaded build - does it work then?
  24. Hi Den, I understand that this becomes an issue. As of now we do not have any built-in way to validate or stop the user from doing this. Using our api you could listen to and inform the user / alternatively correct the issue if it happens.
  25. Hi and welcome to the forums. There are a few new video tutorials about Planning and Studio overview if you scroll down a bit on this page: