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  1. A note is attached to an entity; Shot, Task, Version, etc. A message is directed to a person without being attached to an entity.
  2. Hi, you can currently sort the tasks on: Due date, Project, Priority, Status and Parent.
  3. No updates this at the moment, we still plan to implement this but haven't got to it yet.
  4. Yes, correct - it will send out if the logged time is < than the workday length. I'm afraid there is no option to set it different from the workday length.
  5. This is as intended, though I understand that it may not be what you expect. You can read more about Permissions and roles in the documentation ASSIGNED role type will only be allowed to perform actions that he/she has permission to perform on assigned tasks. This will also limit the user to only see projects with tasks he/she is assigned to. The assigned role will give a user access to view the tasks within a project she is assigned a task on. The "Can access projects" permission controls if the user should have access to navigate to the "Projects" page in the top menu. There is currently no way to restrict so that a user is unable to view Notes and versions on tasks they are not assigned to within a project which they have permission to see. Please contact support[at] if you want to discuss this in more detail.
  6. Hi Tim, Setting a status on a milestone should be fairly straight forward. Given a milestone and a status: milestone['status_id'] = status['id'] session.commit()
  7. I'm afraid it is not possible to restrict the user to only an Episode (folder) inside the project. If they have access to the Projects page they can see the entire project.
  8. Hi Luigi, could you please open a support case for this issue? Along with a screenshot of the problem.
  9. This is odd, I'm able to upload from mine - if you click "Choose files..." instead of drag & drop it still doesn't work?
  10. I see - could you please send in a support case with this issue to support[at] with information on this issue and a link to this thread?
  11. Hi Luigi Are you sure about this? If I test on my local machine inactive users that have logged time will show up as well. They are however not possible to select in the User filter (we're reviewing a potential fix for this).
  12. There are currently no plans to add it back. We've switched technology to make it easier for our non-technical staff to update and improve the documentation. We hope that this will accelerate our efforts to provide better documentation, tutorial and guides - as well as reduce the scattering of the documentation. I will send you a message with a wget command that can be used to download the documentation from our website.
  13. To attach a calendar event to a user you will want to create a CalendarEventResource with the calendar_event_id and resource_id (the id of the user).
  14. Hi, yes that should be possible wit the query that you've added. Or similar: session.query('AssetVersion where date is 2017-02-14') Just note that if you're running ftrack hosted by us the dates will be stored in UTC.
  15. Hi Tim, for it to appear properly in the web interface you will want to do one of the following: Attach it to a project with project_id. Allocate it to a user by creating CalendarEventResource with resource_id and calendar_event_id. Making it a Leave event assigned to someone (see above) or everyone. Attributes are booleans: leave and everyone I hope this helps
  16. There are absolutely some speed improvements that can be done here. Mostly about reducing the number of queries to the server by using projections and some attributes that can make it more efficient to get the data that you're looking for. It is strongly recommended that you do not connect to the event hub in the action launch callback Session(auto_connect_event_hub=False) as this will cause unnecessary stress on your server. Instead of looping the different entity types you can do the following: 'TypedContext where id is "{entityId}"'.format(...) Or if it is a project (you can find this in the selection data): 'Project where id is "{entityId}"'.format(...) If you want to quickly fetch all custom attributes (and other data) for the descendant tasks of an item it is faster to use projections: # Fetch all tasks on Project or another TypedContext parent. session.query('select custom_attributes,,, name from Task where is "{0}" or project_id is "{1}"'.format(...)).
  17. Thank you for the feature request, an interesting idea. I will bring this up with the team as a feature request.
  18. This is the "Time tracking" report and that you're not able to filter on Inactive users? From what I can see they are visible but you might need to "scroll" and find them. As of now you would have to enable them temporarily again to see their logged hours but I do understand the problem. But I can add a "bug" ticket for this
  19. @Erik could you open a support case for this and I will try to help you there
  20. So am I right in assuming that you want to run the action on all asset builds that matches a filter criteria (in your case a custom attribute)? If so it may be easier to just do the filtering in the Spreadsheet and then multi-select => right click => Actions.
  21. Hi Ozen, I've tried to re-create this error but was not able to do so 1. Create a task and give it a bid of 8 hours (1 work day for my setup) 2. Drag out the task with the correct start date and an arbitrary end date. 3. Right click and "Adjust to bid". Mine is ending on the hour. Did I get the steps right?
  22. Hi Toke, thank you for reporting - I will log this as a bug with the team.
  23. Hi Ozen, how are these tasks created? From a create dialog or through a Spreadsheet?