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  1. Hi Giovani, We're constantly working on improving the importer with new features and error handling. I will add a feature request about being able to import asset builds, it is definitely something we should support. The fastest way at the moment would be to use the Spreadsheet. Go to your Project > Asset builds, right click in the spreadsheet on Asset builds and use the Add menu. Then you can add tasks by right clicking Add, or use task templates. You can also use ctrl+c, ctrl+v (cmd+c, cmd+v on mac) to copy/paste items in the spreadsheet. Thank you for the feedback, Mattias L
  2. Hi Nick, At the moment this feature is not estimated and planned in an up-coming release. But as soon as we have prioritized it I can give you a better time estimate on when it will make it into a release Best regards, Mattias L
  3. Hi Nick, Using User attributes in the Expression attributes are not supported at the moment. I guess you would do something like: { * User.rate} I will add it as a feature request to our internal backlog. Best regards, Mattias L
  4. Hi Michele, Good idea and sounds like something we should have. I will add a ticket to our internal tracking system Best regards, Mattias L
  5. Hi Mitch, We are looking at a system to run custom callbacks and scripts from the ftrack ui, context menus and buttons. It is on the roadmap and currently under development. There is no official dates on when this will be available at the moment. Sharing such scripts with the community sounds like an interesting idea. Best regards, Mattias L