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  1. I'm afraid that it is a bit too much effort to learn programming / python to do this. It might be easier to just upload the data again or rename / move the tasks and shots (if possible).
  2. Hi Mike, the event is documented here with a template plugin:
  3. Hi. Depending on how it is uploaded and where you want to move it. Is it uploaded on a task on a folder - and you want to move it to another task on the same folder? You could be using the python API for changing this if you have some knowledge of python. Let me know if you want me to point you in the right direction?
  4. The values of custom attributes can be read from the custom_attributes relation. Like this: print project['custom_attributes']['my_text_field']
  5. Thank you for reporting, I was not aware of this and at the moment we've restricted time-logging to task and this sounds like a bug.
  6. I'm afraid there is no equivalent to what we have in the ftrack-python-api. How are you using the ftrack-javascript-api, are you building a custom widget?
  7. Hey - could you let me know a bit more about the purpose? Is it to read a custom attribute's value from a project? We have an article here with some examples:
  8. Hi Remus, thank you - and good to know. I've been able to reproduce this and I think it is by design. As we do not know the time we just set it to 00:00:00. But yeah, having an option for this would make it easier.
  9. Thank you for this feedback - I will raise it as a feature request with the team.
  10. The reason for the transfer note functionality is giving you the ability to moderate, add / remove notes from the review session before your artist sees them. We will add support for non-moderated review sessions where the transfer step can be skipped if you do not feel that this is necessary.
  11. That would be: review_session = session.query('ReviewSession').first() review_session['end_date']
  12. From the Transfer feedback window you just add notes visible to your artists. If you want to respond to the client you can Open the client review and respond from in there. I hope this helps!
  13. Hi Rory, I'm afraid that this is currently only possible with the Beta Publish window and not the publish node.
  14. The Client review user (invitee) will get an email when you reply to their Note
  15. No news I'm afraid but we haven't closed the door on adding support for this or other features related to the expiry date of the review session (Same as project / Explicit open and close). You can get the project end date using the ftrack-python-api, like this: project = session.query('Project where id is "<your-project-id>"').one() project['end_date']
  16. Thanks, I will forward this to the team as a feature request
  17. Hi, thank you for reporting this. It is not something that we cover right now. For the transfer step, what would the expected behaviour be if a user deleted a previous note? I guess not delete it but mark it as "Deleted by collaborator" or something like that?
  18. You can copy items from the Spreadsheet and then paste them on the same project (or other projects) by selection and (ctrl/cmd + c) (ctrl/cmd + v).
  19. Afaik this is not documented. The ftrack-python-api hides this in convenience method and the user never has to understand this part, but for the javascript API things are more hands-on. I will raise this question with the team.
  20. The operation does not "cascade" and the attributes on items found in the 'incoming_links' are not automatically refreshed. But you can provide a multiple projections to refresh: session.populate(task, 'incoming_links,')
  21. Hi Simo, welcome to the forums! As an alternative to reseting the session you should be able to refresh the data, either as: del task['incoming_links'] print task['incoming_links'] Or refresh them like this: session.populate(task, 'incoming_links')
  22. We just fixed this in the Time tracking report and it should be available in the next maintenance release
  23. We've just reviewed this issue and will release it in an upcoming maintenance release
  24. Not currently part of the roadmap but we have been discussing it internally