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  1. Any updates on this? We are hitting lots of issues with using ftrack in Houdini TOPs because of this.
  2. Bump a couple of years later It would also be good if normal web-browser bookmarks could be used. This could be solved by including used view and filters in the URL
  3. Regexp for project and any created entities would be great. We got listeners for fixing most things but it would give better feedback to the people that inputted weird things instead of magically changing the name on them.
  4. Not without writing your own action to do it afaik. We requested this feature a while back as well.
  5. https://help.ftrack.com/administering-ftrack/workflows/managing-list-categories You can create Deliveries Old. That's what we do if the lists becomes to many. https://www.ftrack.com/en/2018/05/hiding-closed-lists.html You can also hide closed lists. This info don't seem to be anywhere on help.ftrack.com tho.
  6. This is one of the most sought after features here as well.
  7. Agree. I find the old docs much clearer and easier to navigate.
  8. Markdown support or support for picking foreground/background colors per row in Enumerators would be really handy. Is this something planned?
  9. I think you can speed this up greatly by collecting all the selected id's first and then querying for "id in ()" to get a collection instead of "id is " -- Erik
  10. Digging up this old thread as I am trying to check the same thing but can't find any way of seeing "last login" -- Erik
  11. Would be nice if there existed an event for this but guess we'll add it ourself.
  12. I'm digging up this old thread as well. We are making a new asset library and wanna tag versions with things like maya,maya_2017,vray,vray_3.5,character,fur,projectname and then be able to do a reasonably fast query against this through the API. Would modifying a custom enum attribute and add more values as we go along still be the best or only option? Feels like that attribute would get pretty crazy pretty quickly.
  13. Erik

    Incoming links

    Chiming in on linking Asset to TypedContext (Sequence/Shot/Task/etc). Would be really useful.
  14. We use it as a indicator of where in the tree structure you are at the moment like. '.'.join([foo.get('name') for foo in bar.get('link')]) gives for example Project.sequence.shot.task With the old api we do it in a recursive function using getParent and the end result is project.sequence.shot.task This is for a project where the Project name is Project and the Project code is project
  15. When getting the link attribute of for example a task it contains the full name of the project. I think in most cases it would make more sense to include the name aka project code instead. And if replacing it is not an option please include both. Like this we have to do an additional query just to get the project code.
  16. Adding to the define how many decimals club. Biggest problem at the moment being for example FPS. It can be 23.976 in a lot of places and I guess I could put it as text but then I have to do unit conversions everywhere which is not very elegant.
  17. Seems it works in the webbrowser but not the standalone application. Strange
  18. Stopped working today?
  19. With this setup it would be nice if Default role in settings could have more settings. Ideally it should have all the options you have when you assign roles to a user making it more of a "Default roles" setup. Currently all users here have "Restricted User", "User" (three different projects for time reporting), "AssignedCustom" (All projects, workaround from this thread)
  20. Going to try Lucas solution but don't like it. That a user with ASSIGNED role can not see the custom attributes on the shot that he is allowed to see don't make sense in my head.
  21. I wan't bigger thumbnails in the pdf as well And ideally also thumbnails in the excel file
  22. Would not mind an invite. erik@goodbyekansas.se
  23. Erik

    Change schema

    +1 on this. If there are issues with switching the scheme a popup with conflicts and possible solutions could be presented. Biggest +1 on duplicating tho.
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