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  1. For completeness, I'll consider the silence as a "no". If anything changes regarding this, I'd love to be in the loop!
  2. Thanks for getting back, Mattias. Would there be interest in building such a mock? I've ran into the need for something like this a few times now and would build one for myself regardless, but perhaps it could be worth strengthening unit-testability of software built on-top of ftrack overall? I'm picturing a mock that simulates a small project, with a few fixed assets and shots, such that most rudimentary queries work. Let's say the goal is having a GUI, such as a minimal asset browser, to run on-top of it without noticing a difference.
  3. Hi ftrack, I'm looking to setup continuous integration for software involving ftrack, and was wondering whether there could be, or already is, a mock for the API? Something I could run locally and send requests to, with fairly relevant responses, without requiring access to your cloud-based infrastructure and login credentials. That way, I could build unit-tests that run automatically on other cloud-based services, such as Travis-CI and AppVeyor. Thanks.
  4. Hi FTrack! I've just gotten started evaluating FTrack and in particular its integration with Maya and I've got a few question marks that I couldn't find any help for in the documentation (here). ftrack version: 2.6plugins version: Overall, how complete do you consider Connect? I.e. is it production ready? Are there discussion about it taking place elsewhere? What is the target market for Connect, in terms of studio size, production types (commercial, visualisation, film etc.)? Configuring software I noticed that upon launching ftrackLauncher, it could already figure out where to find Maya. I found that the reason it knew about it was due to presets in the apps.xml file (which by the way contains a few details internal to FTrack I would think, such as <location>C:\Users\Erik\Downloads\14.041_RC75733\CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe</location>). This is a neat trick, however due to this centralisation I haven't been able to wrap my head around a method of specifying certain versions of Maya to certain projects or assets. Is there a way of doing this or do you have plans to support it? Naming convention Once in Maya, I noticed a particular naming convention taking place on the assets I imported (by pressing the blue import button). E.g. GEO_Ben_Geometry_ASTIs there a reasoning behind it, can it be changed and should it? I'm thinking it may be related to the assets within the Web interface of FTrack, but haven't yet dug deep enough to find out. How about publishing, can I specify where my assets go and how they are named? In terms of casing, I'd vouch for sticking with either camel_case, mixedCase or CamelCase as opposed to a mixture of them. Import Asset I noticed that whenever an asset was imported/referenced, there was an error in the script editor. # Warning: GEO_Ben Geometry_AST is not a valid DagPath # # Traceback (most recent call last):# File "C:\Users\marcus\Desktop\ftrackplugins\ftrackplugins\libdir\ftrack\ftrackplugin\ftrackDialogs\", line 157, in onImportComponent# message = ftrackConnector.Connector.importAsset(importObj)# File "C:\Users\marcus\Desktop\ftrackplugins\ftrackplugins\libdir\ftrack\ftrackplugin\ftrackConnector\", line 178, in importAsset# result = importAsset.importAsset(iAObj)# File "C:\Users\marcus\Desktop\ftrackplugins\ftrackplugins\libdir\ftrack\ftrackplugin\ftrackConnector\", line 26, in importAsset# self.linkToFtrackNode(iAObj)# File "C:\Users\marcus\Desktop\ftrackplugins\ftrackplugins\libdir\ftrack\ftrackplugin\ftrackConnector\", line 217, in linkToFtrackNode# mc.addAttr(iAObj.assetName, ln="ftrack", sn="ft", at="message")# ValueError: No object matches name: GEO_Ben Geometry_AST Perhaps this is the reason for the next paragraph: Asset Browser I haven't yet been able to get this to display anything, but instead got a message in the script editor whenever I hit "Refresh" (a non-warning by the way, which makes it non-visible unless you explicitly look for it, maybe this should be a warning? E.g. cmds.warning()) AssetLink broken for assetNode GEO_Ben_Geometry_AST_ftrackdataEditable fields I noticed that I could change the values of various fields in the Import Asset window. E.g. changing the date-value to badly formatted date, or altering the version number to letters etc. It didn't seem to have any effect however; is this a bug or planned feature? Looking forward to hearing from you! Best, Marcus