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  1. I'm enjoying the new review player, but I'm hoping for one existing feature from the old current player. I can't see an easy way to be able to write a note or annotate a version, then set the status of that same version. I realize it's under info, but it's more than just information, as it's an editable item that's used (at least in our workflow) on every single version. I really wish I could have it visible at all times without clicking away from the feedback thread (which we also want to see on every shot). Would it be possible to add version status to the feedback UI at the bottom? Something like this. Thanks! Mark
  2. So I'm new to Ftrack, and just learning about tuning projections in queries to gain a little more speed, and came across an error trying to get status.name for assigned task from a user. I get this error; KeyError("Multiple schemas [u'Project', u'TypedContext'] found for relationship u'status'.") I'm sure there's a way to focus on a single schema, but I'm unsure how to write it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Here's the existing query with the broken item in strikethrough; user = session.query( 'select \ assignments.context._link, \ assignments.context.name, \ assignments.context.parent.name, \ assignments.context.status.name, \ assignments.context.parent.parent.name from User \ where is_active is "True" and email is "{}"'.format(user_email)).one() Less of a concern for me, but another question is, can I select an index in a list? I only want the first item in assignments.context._link. Thanks! M.
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