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  1. Hey guys, Now with V3 out I hope you guys had the time to squeeze this into the new launcher...
  2. Panels with Mocha specific tasks like the following: Planar Motion TrackingRoto & Mask CreationObject Removal & Clean PlateLens Distortion Calibration3D Camera SolverInsertsImage StabilizationThe asset generated is normally a script for import into a compositing app like Nuke, AfterEffects etc.
  3. Mocha V4 is going to have python integration. how hard is it to create a plugin for this tool. Cheers, Eduardo
  4. Can't publish clip from bin in Hiero 1.8v1b1
  5. The values were changed is there anyway to see what the defaults are/were? This may be causing some other problems like this error mesage when trying to publish to ftrack shots Eduardo
  6. When using the launcher and Hiero 1.8v1b1 and using the create shots I get this error message and the process hangs and only one shot is created in my project. The one shot that is created doesnt have src duration, src in or src out fields filled out. Cheers, Eduardo
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