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  1. jussing

    Auto emails?

    Hi Carl, can you point me to where I set myself to manager on the project? I can set myself to administrator in the user board, and I can create manager types... Thanks - Jonas
  2. jussing

    Auto emails?

    Thanks! I've activated all variations of notifications, and turned email notification on, just to check out how all of them work. Now, an artist uploaded a version and I didn't get an Ftrack notification or email... shouldn't I have? - jonas
  3. You're right, it does work! Maybe I was trying to edit the status of a version, not a task... Which I find confusing as per this thread: http://forum.ftrack.com/index.php?/topic/158-status-on-version-sets-equal-status-on-the-task/ - jonas
  4. jussing

    Auto emails?

    Okay, I've checked out the notifications options now. Looks awesome. I have the following suggestions: Admin can set default notifications for users. I want to decide that my crew will get an email when I give them a task, or change anything in their tasks. -Without relying on all of them to follow my instructions about how to configure their own notification settings.Send mail to user on user creation. I want people to get en email with logon info and default password, when I create them as users. Or a button in the user creation menu that says "send confirmation email" or something like
  5. Absolutely. It's about minimizing the clicks and modes the user has to activate and deactivate. And you wouldn't click/draw on the image for any other reason than to draw or write annotations on it, so might as well make it default. Yes, I am now! I swear it wasn't working when I posted. I will follow up if I can reproduce it. Thanks - Jonas
  6. This is subject to discussion, work-flow wise... I understand the need for having different status on multiple levels - ie, approval of a task shouldn't affect the status of the shot, because the shot has more tasks to be done. However, when approving a version on a task, in my world, means that the task itself is approved. I can't think of a situation where it wouldn't be like that. The version represents the task. It's just that I think there's one too many levels to set the status right now. Version, task, shot...
  7. jussing

    Auto emails?

    Awesome, thanks a lot! Will check it out.
  8. I want to add a "kickback" status to a task, to indicate that it has been reviewed, and is going back to the artist, to become WIP again. I have done the following: Settings -> workflow -> status typesCreateName: "kickback". Corresponds to: "in progress"Workflow -> Schemas -> VFX schemaTasks -> EditI check "kickback". The order is not immediately corretly displayed (kickback is last, when it should be before "in progress"). But after returning to the list, it shows correctly.Workflow -> Task boardsMy tasks -> EditThe "kickback" status is correctly displayed under "In p
  9. jussing

    Auto emails?

    Hey, is there a way to manage auto emails? For instance: Email to artist who is assigned a taskEmail to administrator when a version is submittedEmail to administrator when a task is set to "pending review"Email to artist when administrator replies or changes status on submitted versionEmail to artist when administrator changes information or status on task
  10. I love the reviewer, but I think it needs some ironing before it's entirely user friendly. Here's a few issues from today: When in "annotations mode", stay in "annotations mode" until exited. Now, I activate annotations, draw directions on the frame, and go to another frame to draw on that - and then I have to re-activate annotations mode. Gets cumbersome if you have many frames to draw on. It's not possible to attach an annotated frame to a reply to a noteUse arrow left & right as frame steps
  11. Hey, I currently only have one project in Ftrack, but have multiple bookmarks to go quickly to spreadsheet view, versions view, etc. But since all bookmarks just have the project name, they all look the same. So it would be cool if it was something like: [project name] - [page name]
  12. Small thing... it's pretty custom web page behavior that the top left logo goes back to the home page.
  13. Nice, thanks! Is there a way to setup two different disks and paths for the project, so you can have one for project files and one for IO? Some companies like to set it up that way, so it's easier to cleanup and backup the project afterwards (reproducable renders being more disk heavy and less project critical than project files) - Jonas
  14. Our setup is that everyone is off-site, sitting at home on their own operating system. And I want people to open Nuke scripts without worrying about input or output paths. So... how does this work, exactly? I know there's the "disks" option in Ftrack, where I can define Unix and Windows disks. Questions: Do the Unix disks also apply to OSX? When I change these settings as an admin, is it a user setting, project setting or server setting? (ie, do all users have to make the same changes...?) In the "settings -> Advanced settings" there's a "convert asset paths to user OS" option. Is that
  15. Thanks so much for the answers, Mattias. Yes, I found the correct "collapse all" now. As for #2 - no, there is no loading bar, it just acts as if I had clicked the Piggy project and not my own project. But when it works, it loads instantly. I can't reproduce the problem right now, but it happens sometimes. I'm on newest Firefox, Windows 7 64. Anyway - not important right now, it's not a show stopper and not reproducable. You're right, most of the issues are propably just learning how ftrack works. Personally, I think the UI - while the visual design is great, and not cluttered like Shot
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