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  1. Hi Yating, Answers to your questions: This is a confirmed bug, will be fixed for next release. Tried to replicate it but no luck, could be unsupported alembic format. Could you share the file? Also a confirmed bug, will be fixed for next release. Yes, the label should be "Houdini nodes" not "Houdini binary", dictating if selected/all nodes also should be exported to a .hip. "Attach scene to asset" will generate a new scene containing selected/all nodes. Import creates a new subnet node and import all the nodes beneath, while merge imports the
  2. FYI, this has been discussed and explained in a separate thread: https://forum.ftrack.com/topic/677-sessiongettypedcontext-entity_id-not-working/?tab=comments#comment-3584
  3. Hi Yating, We will look into this matter and come back to you. Cheers /Henrik
  4. Hello Yating, First, you mentioned you were trying out 0.3.1 but that version is not shipped with Connect package 1.1.2 (were your first traceback originates from). Could you try once more after downloading the latest Houdini integration here and replacing the dated within "C:\Program Files (x86)\ftrack-connect-package-1.1.2\resource\connect-standard-plugins"? Cheers /Henrik
  5. Hi, Forgot to point out that events also can be queried by the API: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/workspace/snippets/ggyrb/api-example-working-with-events Cheers /Henrik
  6. Hi, This is available as an advanced configuration option for ftrack on-prem deployments: http://help.ftrack.com/en/articles/1040523-configuring-server-options#fetch-update-events-directly-from-internal-queue Cheers /Henrik
  7. Hello Peter, This PR make sense, I will create one and take it further with our QC team. Thanks /Henrik Norin ftrack staff
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