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  1. This is a big one for us. We are just starting to use FTrack and the goal is to create an 'Animation' object, and all tasks inside of that object are automatically assigned to users in the group. Furthermore, if there is a department lead, there is a need to create an object, say 'Compositing' for a shot, and that department lead is responsible for ensuring all tasks in that object are completed by the people in their department or themselves. I haven't found a way to add an assignee to any object other than Tasks. We want to be able to make a producer the one ultimately responsible for all tasks within a shot, maybe not the person who is carrying out all tasks, but the shot itself is the responsibility of a specific producer. So we would create a 'Shot' object, and within that would be 'Animation', Modeling', 'Lighting', etc. objects, which would have individual tasks within them assigned to individual artists or groups. If we make an object called 'WIP' than our producer would have to mark the status as 'Ready for Client Review' and is assigned as the sole person who can designate it as such. Currently, it seems that only Tasks are assignable, is this correct?