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  1. Apparently my code worked, the error was due to the "asset" key having a capital A on the creation of my AssetVersion.
  2. Hello, would love to get an invite as well! Cheers!
  3. Hello everyone! For the needs of our production, i'm developping a tool that will have to create ReviewSessions filleds with ReviewSessionsObject on AssetsVersion that are not linked to a task. Basically, i need to use the api to do what this button in the review session would do: To achieve this i have written the following code: assetParent = session.query('Project where name is "MyProject"').first() assetType = session.query('AssetType where name is "Upload"').one() asset = session.create('Asset',{ 'name': 'MyAsset', 'type': assetType, 'parent': assetParent
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