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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to Lorenzo Angeli in ftrack connect version 1.1.0   
    Download ftrack-connect-package 1.1.0
    Windows Linux Osx
    What's new ? 
    With this minor release, we have started a long journey for a complete revamp of connect and connector plugins.
    This release mostly focuses on moving the hard-coded connector plugins to standalone connect plugins, so these can be customized and extended by the users as they see fit.
    This release also includes an improvement for the Nuke Studio integration.
    ftrack-connect-nuke-studio 2.1.0  Tokens to compose assets names as well as components. Support for multi-track export. Fix Hiero template parser.
      ftrack-connect-maya 1.2.0 converted to connect plugin
      ftrack-connect-nuke 1.2.0  converted to plugin
      ftrack-connect-3dsmax 0.4.0 converted to plugin
      ftrack-connect-hieroplayer 1.3.0 converted to plugin
      ftrack-connect-foundry 1.2.0 remove ftrack-connect from dependency links Known issue
    None reported atm
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from Remus Avram in "Unread Content" doesn't work anymore   
    This is now resolved.
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from Remus Avram in "Unread Content" doesn't work anymore   
    Hi Remus,
    after an update of the forum earlier in the week we're in the process of rebuilding the search cache, which might effect this as well. Give it a few days and see if it gets better. 
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to lorenzo.angeli in ftrack_studio rez packages   
    Hi all and Happy New Year !

    With the experience built in the past years helping various offices setting up ftrack, I decided to wrap a rez repository where to collect all the needed bits and pieces to have ftrack_studio running as rez package.

    The repository can be accessed here http://git.efestolab.uk/rez/rez-ftrack for now while in development.
    (planning to move it later to bitbucket)

    The long time plan is to make this repo able to support all the needed platform and systems supported by ftrack , but at the moment I'm focusing mostly on linux.

    The installation is somehow tedious as the packages have to be installed in a certain order,
    I'm looking into a more automated system though, but is really not a priority.
    (check the readme to see the actual installation order)
    In order to make the default application work off the shelf , a custom package called ftrack_hook_override is provided, and original hooks are disabled.

    If you manage to install all, you can then run :
    $ rez-env ftrack_studio
    > $ ftrack_studio
    At the moment I'm matching the dependencies for the latest (2.7.3) version, and all the connector plugins are loaded by default (this might change later , to allow more dynamic settings).
    If you have any questions or issues please let me know !
    At the moment you need to have already available the basic packages such as qt, pyside and python installed as rez-packages.
    Please, bare in mind is currently in development, so things might be changing fast, and some packages might still be missing.
    If you think you can help , please do !

    Below the resolution package for ftrack_studio 2.7.3
    requested packages: ftrack_studio ~platform==linux (implicit) ~arch==x86_64 (implicit) ~os==Fedora-27 (implicit) resolved packages: appdirs-1.4.0 /home/efestolab/packages/appdirs/1.4.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) arch-x86_64 /home/efestolab/packages/arch/x86_64 (local) arrow-0.10.0 /home/efestolab/packages/arrow/0.10.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) backports_ssl_match_hostname- /home/efestolab/packages/backports_ssl_match_hostname/ (local) chardet-3.0.4 /home/efestolab/packages/chardet/3.0.4/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) clique-1.5.0 /home/efestolab/packages/clique/1.5.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect-1.1.2 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect/1.1.2/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_foundry-1.1.0 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_foundry/1.1.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_hieroplayer-1.2.0 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_hieroplayer/1.2.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_legacy_plugins-1.1.0 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_legacy_plugins/1.1.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_maya-1.1.1 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_maya/1.1.1/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_nuke-1.1.2 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_nuke/1.1.2/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_nuke_studio-1.1.1 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_nuke_studio/1.1.1/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_connect_rv-3.7 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_connect_rv/3.7/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_hook_overrides-0.0.1 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_hook_overrides/0.0.1/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_location_compatibility-0.3.2 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_location_compatibility/0.3.2/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_python_api-1.3.3 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_python_api/1.3.3/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_python_legacy_api-3.6.2 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_python_legacy_api/3.6.2/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) ftrack_studio-2.7.3 /home/efestolab/packages/ftrack_studio/2.7.3/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) idna-2.6 /home/efestolab/packages/idna/2.6/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) lucidity-1.5.0 /home/efestolab/packages/lucidity/1.5.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) os-Fedora-27 /home/efestolab/packages/os/Fedora-27 (local) platform-linux /home/efestolab/packages/platform/linux (local) pyparsing-2.2.0 /home/efestolab/packages/pyparsing/2.2.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) pyside-1.2.2 /mnt/zeus/storage/rez/packages/rez-base/pyside/1.2.2 python-2.7.14 /mnt/zeus/storage/rez/packages/rez-base/python/2.7.14/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/os-Fedora-27 python_certifi-2017.11.05 /home/efestolab/packages/python_certifi/2017.11.05/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) python_dateutil-2.6.1 /home/efestolab/packages/python_dateutil/2.6.1/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) qt-4.8.6 /mnt/zeus/storage/rez/packages/rez-base/qt/4.8.6 qtext-0.2.0 /home/efestolab/packages/qtext/0.2.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) qtpy-0.3.4 /home/efestolab/packages/qtpy/0.3.4/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) requests-2.18.4 /home/efestolab/packages/requests/2.18.4/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) riffle-0.3.0 /home/efestolab/packages/riffle/0.3.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) shiboken-1.2.2 /mnt/zeus/storage/rez/packages/rez-base/shiboken/1.2.2 six-1.11.0 /home/efestolab/packages/six/1.11.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) urllib3-1.22 /home/efestolab/packages/urllib3/1.22/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local) websocket_client-0.46.0 /home/efestolab/packages/websocket_client/0.46.0/platform-linux/arch-x86_64/python-2.7 (local)  

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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from kylebjordahl in Slack User Group   
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from bjoern in Time logging   
    As a reference, here is the original design/research I did for ftrack v3. Not all ideas/features got implemented.

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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to Eric Hermelin in python legacy api packaging updates   
    Hi,   The ftrack legacy python api have been distributed as a separate package bundled with its dependencies available for download from the ftrack settings page. While this has proven to be useful in many cases it has complicated the build and installation process for tools such as ftrack-connect and its dependencies.   We have therefore bitten the bullet and separated it out to its own repository, the code is available on bitbucket ( https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-legacy-api ) and  pypi ( https://pypi.python.org/pypi/ftrack-python-legacy-api/3.6.1 ). The only major change, a part from the distribution procedure, is that the python websocket-client package have been bumped to version 0.40.0 to allow support for proxy servers within the event hub.   To install the legacy api you can use pip pip install ftrack-python-legacy-api  
    If you wish to install it into a self contained folder with all its dependencies that can easily be appended to your python path  pip install -I ftrack-python-legacy-api --target /shared/studio/python_path/  
    We will continue to supply a downloadable package for the next few releases but please make sure to update your install/update procedures. I will also encourage everyone to use the new python api ( http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/ ) when developing new tools and when time permits start migrating existing tools.   Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.   cheers Eric
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from PeterS in Links in notes and spreadsheets   
    vote for this feature on our public roadmap: https://trello.com/c/I6gLlP67
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to colorbleed in ftrack into pipeline toolset   
    We're looking to get some better integrations with ftrack into our own offline interfaces of our pipeline.
    At this moment we're working off of a great foundation in the studio with an explorer (browser), asset loader, app launcher and lots of other tools.
    The intentions now are to mix these up with ftrack, like pull thumbnails from ftrack and push information to ftrack upon publishes, etc.
    As such I'm wondering what way we should go about this.
    Would we be designing our own Widgets using the API completely from scratch? Or can we use widgets from connect in our own interfaces?
    Are the widgets in connect intended to be used that way? Things that would potentially make it easy to display thumbnails of an asset (or other information)?
    Would the integrations require a running connect? Or when would we use it specifically?
    Integrating ftrack into our tools
    What's the best way to go about this? Any tips from the community are also very welcome!

    It would be great to have informational up-to-date widgets that are all built to be smoothly cached internally. Yet at this stage it's hard to see if I'm building from the ground up or if there are elements I can connect together to get up and running faster (and even share back?)
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to natasha in Register a hook to ftrack-connect using ftrack_api   
    Sorry, I thought you were launching the action from command line.
    Try adding your action to FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH instead?
    This code works for me.
    import ftrack_api class TestAction(object): identifier = "test_action" label = "Test Action" def __init__(self, session): super(TestAction, self).__init__() self.session = session def register(self): self.session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.action.discover and source.user.username={0}'.format(self.session.api_user), self.discover) self.session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.action.launch and source.user.username={0} and data.actionIdentifier={1}'.format(self.session.api_user, self.identifier), self.launch) def discover(self, event): items = [{'label': self.label, 'actionIdentifier': self.identifier}] return {'items': items} def launch(self, event): print "Launching the App" return { 'success': True, 'message': 'Action launched successfully.' } def register(session, **kw): if not isinstance(session, ftrack_api.Session): return action = TestAction(session) action.register()  
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to Lucas Correia in Event listener: Restrict task status updates   
    I've created an example event listener which can be used to restrict which users should be allowed to set certain statuses. I thought it would be useful for the rest of the community and wanted to share it here. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
    You can find the snippet on bitbucket.
    Event listener: Restrict task status updates
    The event listener can be used to limit which users are allowed to set certain statuses. When a status is changed in the ftrack interface, the event listener will check if the status is restricted, and if the user is member of the group with users that are allowed to set to those statuses. If not, the status will be reverted to the old value, and a message will inform the user that the operation was not permitted.
    To use the event listener, first set the two variables at the top:
        A list of task status names that are restricted, only the members of a
        group will be allowed to change these.
        The name of the group in ftrack which contains the users that are allowed
        to set the restricted statuses.
    Running the event listener
    You can run the event listener from the command line::
    python restrict_task_status_listener.py You can also register the event listener as a plugin. For more information, see the links below.
    Read more
    Find more information in our documentation:
    * Developing: Events
    * Event: Action - trigger interface
    * Event: Update
    * Managing statuses
    * Organizing users into groups
    * Python API: Configuring plugins
    * Python API: Environment variables
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from Remus Avram in Time logging   
    As a reference, here is the original design/research I did for ftrack v3. Not all ideas/features got implemented.

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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to Mattias Lagergren in New feature - Advanced filter queries   
    Hi, a follow-up on this. I've just implemented support for this feature, which we're currently reviewing. The syntax will be:
    children.appointments.resource_id is "{CURRENT_USER_ID}" If nothing critical shows up it should make it into a release soon
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to Milan Kolar in Slack User Group   
    Soo. I went ahead and created an Ftrack Slack User Group. However there's this small problem I haven't realized till now. Slack is not very good with public access, so every person needs to get an invite (or be within a specific domain, which is even worse).
    There is this lovely service called slackin, but that of course needs to run on something. 
    Right now I'm ok with just sending out invites like crazy if anyone asks here to get it going. Theoretically as it grows this won't be an issue, because any member can send an invite. It'll just be a bit of a hassle at the beginning.
    Maybe ftrack guys would be interested in hosting this tiny slackin service, to make it easier?
    the address is: ftrackusers.slack.com
    Come join the party... (it's very, very lonely right now  )
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from Mattias Lagergren in New feature - Advanced filter queries   
    Check out this new blog post from our Senior Developer Mattias Lagergren about using our powerful API query language in the ftrack UI to slice and dice data in spreadsheet.
    Let us know how you would like to see this evolve.
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to Lucas Correia in client reviews - address book   
    We have just added a new "Clone review session" feature to client reviews in ftrack 3.3.17. Cloning review session will allow you to carry over the collaborators from one review session to the next, making it a lot easier to work with reoccurring review sessions with the same collaborators. Hosted sites will be upgraded to this version during the next week. More information is available in the release notes for 3.3.17.
    We still have more plans to further improve the workflow when inviting collaborators to review sessions going forward. Please let me know what you think; does the new feature implemented work for your use cases, or do you need anything more?

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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to Mattias Lagergren in Blog: API – Introducing paging and sorting   
    Hi everyone!
    I've been writing up a blog post about the paging and sorting of queries in our new Python API:
    Good documentation is still lacking but if you've any questions feel to ask them here!
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to tokejepsen in Status Assign   
    Wanted to share an event plugin we have been using for a while now; https://github.com/tokejepsen/ftrack-event-plugins/blob/master/status_assign.py
    The plugin will assign users to a task when the task enters a specified status, and vice-versa unassign those people from the task when the task exits the status. In production we use it to assign supervisors to tasks when the tasks status changes to "Supervisor Review". This means the supervisor can stay within their "My Tasks" tab and get notified of the tasks they need to review.
    Apart from having the event plugin running, which you can either do by running it individually or explore; https://github.com/tokejepsen/ftrack-event-server, to have multiple event plugins running.
    You will also need to setup project groups, to assign who needs to assigned to what types of tasks. See the attached image.
    - Setup a project group with the name of the status you want to track.
    - Setup a subgroup within the above group with the name of the type of task you want to track.
    - Add the people you want to get assigned to a task, when the status changes, to the subgroup.

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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to Mattias Lagergren in Simplify plugins in Connect   
    Hi everyone! 
    I'm writing here to let you know that we are working on some changes to make Connect easier to extend and develop plugins for.  Some of you I've already been in contact with but I would love to hear the feedback and opinions from the Community.
    We have a lot of ideas that we want to implement in Connect but the plan is to start out by tackling two common issues:
    Extending and modifying the environment and command when an application starts from Connect. Adding hooks to Connect without modifying the FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH. The way we intend to solve this is:
    Emit an event every time an application is launched from Connect. The event will contain application identifier, context, command and options that contain the environment variables. Here you will be able to make changes to environment variables, command and options. This should allow a lot of flexibility without having to override the built-in hook it-self. A platform dependent default directory from where plugins can be discovered without modifications to FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH. E.g. on OS X it would be something like /Users/mattiaslagergren/Library/Application Support/ftrack-connect-plugins/. We also intend to give the option set an environment variable so that you can centralise the plugins to one directory that everyone in the studio reads from. Connect will pick up plugins from both places.
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from richyfrost in SLL Error connecting to server   
    A few customers have reported issues connecting with their server, seeing the error: "Sign in failed! An SLL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server can not be made."
    It has to do with iOS 9 stricter security requirements and AWS slowness to implement the required features - this is a related case on Stack overflow - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32500655/ios-9-app-download-from-amazon-s3-ssl-error-tls-1-2-support
    Most of our customers are on Google Cloud and are not effected by this. We will submit a fix to Apple this week for our AWS customers. It can take up to 2 weeks before Apple review the fix and approve it for App Store.
    Update: Version 1.0.1 available in App Store 16 December that fixes this issue
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to sonictk in Download all Components from AssetVersion   
    Hi all:
    Been working on ftrack 3ds max integration for our studio for the past few months, so finally getting into actions/events/etc. Just to get this place started, here's an Action I made that I have no idea how everyone else on ftrack works without; the ability to download all Components at once from an AssetVersion. Ideally, I'd like to be able to integrate a Tkinter/Qt UI for choosing the file directory to save files to, but right now that doesn't seem to work, and I can't figure out why (since nothing gets piped to stderr/stdout when I execute a simple Tkinter fileDialog.askDirectory())
    Actually, ideally I'd love to be able to zip the components on the server and generate a download link to that, but I can't figure out how to get boto (S3) to do that. So for now I just multithread the downloads.
    You will need to modify this action to suit your needs (Since you obviously won't have a frostburnS3Accessor class, which really is just a subclass of ftrack.S3Accessor with a few additional methods such as getting the resolved URL of a key on S3. Just replace all of that with whatever type of Accessor that your studio is using)
    Hope this helps get the ball rolling in here!
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from Remus Avram in Getting started with Actions   
    I've posted a quick example on how to get started with Actions + a simple UI to go with it. 
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    Fredrik Limsater got a reaction from Remus Avram in in-task checklists   
    Hi Jack,
    Agree, we're working on adding checklists/todo's, and your attached screenshot is very close to what we're working on right now.
    We have a similar discussion in this topic : http://forum.ftrack.com/index.php?/topic/24-status-on-notes/ (I will merge this topic with that one)
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to jussing in A few interface requests   
    Hi all, me and my crew will be stress testing Ftrack during the next handful of months. (VERY impressed with it so far!) Would you like seperate threads per request/issue/problem, or should we keep it in one thread?
    Anyways, I'll start with a few here:
    When entering a project in project overview, I would like all items to be collapsed to begin with. I have created about 1% of the shots and tasks I will need, and I already thinks it looks clottered with everything expanded.
    EDIT: I found a "collapse all" button under the "settings" cog wheel all the way to the right, which I thought would do the trick... but it didn't collapse anything. Sometimes, when I enter the project overview and enter "piggy bank" by mistake, I can't for the life of me change the project to the one I want. I click the "Projects" in the upper left corner, select my own project, and the screen "blinks" as if reloading -- but it's still the piggy bank. When editing fields like "asignee" in the overview, it would be great if a single-click was enough to edit, rather than double click. It may seem like a petty difference, but It's a simple matter of 1000 clicks vs 500 clicks when you have lots of edits to do. Is there a "Duplicate task"? For when creating similar tasks? Would be nice. I can't figure out how to archive "piggy" and add my own project to "my projects" When dragging a task, to move it to another shot/asset/folder, it would be great if the top and bottom of the list had auto/scroll, like a file explorer. So that if you accidentally drop a task to another folder, and it goes to the bottom, you can still drag it bag where it came from. Would also be good if you could drag the position of tasks in the list. Right now it is possible to control the order of tasks under a shot, but by utilizing the "last task created goes in the bottom", so you can re-drag the tasks onto the shot in the order you choose, to make them go to the bottom...
    EDIT: I found the "manual sort" checkmark! Although it seems pretty random if my moved object goes above or below the item I drop it into. Would be good to have an "inbetween" visualization line.  
    - Jonas
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    Fredrik Limsater reacted to michele in Include View/Filter configuration in Bookmarks   
    the current bookmark system does simply store link to specific pages ignoring any selected views or filters.
    I think that being able to bookmark the whole combination of the page and the specific view/filter currently selected would greatly improve the navigation.
    For instance looking at the main Shots page, I may have a bookmark pointing directly to a 'Tasks Progress' analysis view and another bookmark pointing to a 'Client Review' view etc.
    Basically when I bookmark a page, I would like to have the bookmark to take me back exactly to the same place (context, page, view, filter). Currently only takes me to the same context in the project and the same page.
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