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  1. Hello, I'm trying to build a custom attribute that will help me predict future deviations in projects. For example: I have a project bid of 10 working days with 5 worked already, but the total bid of the worked tasks is 3 working days. That means i'm 30% total progress and I have already 2 working days deviation. Now, Ftrack will show me +/- of 5 working days but he doesn't tell me I already "lost" 2 working days. With custom attributes I had succeed to collect data only per task, but I cannot find a way to access summarized/total data. What i'm trying to do: 1. Collect the total bid of done tasks 2. Collect the total worked of done tasks 3. Subtract the result of paragraph 2 from paragraph 1 Also, is there access to the parameter of total % done in the spreadsheet? Thanks, Oren