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  1. Hi, Is there a way to have an event handler that reacts to changes in the ftrack user accounts? I've subscribed a handler to the "*" topic for debugging purposes, but nothing shows up. Stefan
  2. Thanks for considering this. Maybe an option to set a threshold for incomplete days would work (e.g. 50% of hours filled in -> no reminder anymore). Or a checkbox in the time log for each day where the user can actively mark a day as "done" even though it's incomplete. I've seen that it only reminds you for the current week so it's not that bad. Options like that might be overkill. The global task will do for now.
  3. sorry to crash this thread... but I'm getting into actions myself and I was wondering if there was some more documentation about this. For example, from those links I know there's an action and an update topic. Is there a list of all the events that can happen? I wanted to ask here first before I install a handler with debug prints and watch it print stuff just to see what's available :-)
  4. ah, that filter didn't occur to me. thanks
  5. Hi! Freelancers on our project might not work a whole day, but when the amount of hours logged is less than what's defined as a day, they'll still receive a reminder. What's the best way to solve this? A project-wide "leave" task that they can use to fill up the remaining hours? cheers Stefan
  6. We have added several additional task types to our schema to handle different kinds of fx simulation or animation (different cg characters for example). That's probably not how it was meant to be done but we couldn't find an easier solution. Using several animation-type tasks with different names would have been nice, but then the spreadsheet was not as useable. Our different cg characters wouldn't have shown up as separate columns for example. Filtering was another issue. Using additional task types (e.g. "BadGuy Animation", "Camera Animation"), however, has cluttered the schema with project-specific stuff that is not used on other projects. Is there an official solution? Should we have created asset builds for each shot? (I thought of assets as re-useable bits like a character's model, not the shot-specific animation. But maybe I'm wrong?) cheers Stefan
  7. Hi, the API docs mentions "componentNames" as the only keyword argument for Asset.getVersions(). It would be great if I could also filter by status (ID, name, etc) which is possible in User.getTasks() for example. Stefan
  8. thank you! that sounds awesome.
  9. Hi, the client review portal is really cool. I think it's great to split those comments off from access to the real database, but when we transfer those client comments to actual ftrack notes, there are some obstacles (or maybe I just overlooked something?): There seems to be no way to get from the review player (not the portal but the thumbnails you reach by clicking in the left frame where the lists are) to the actual shots. You need to press "Q" and search for a shot number. It would be cool to be able to click the shot name in that view to open its panel.Copy&pasting comments from clients into ftrack notes is easy via the PDF report but how can we transfer annotated frames?Maybe there could be a button that merged all comments of a clip from the client review portal into an ftrack note. It would attach all annotated thumbnails and allow for some final editing (for example to condense a discussion or insert bullet point lists) before adding the note to the corresponding asset version.
  10. Hi, part of this is a bug report I think but part is also a feature request. The column sorting options on the My Tasks page feels random in several ways: Tasks sorted by "Parent" are not in alphabetical order.When sorting by due date and no task actually has a due date, it would also be nice to sort the tasks in alphabetic order (according to their "Project/Sequence/Shot" label)The feature request part: Would it be possible to add a "sort by sequence" option? The parent sorting is nice (if it were alphabetical) but since an artist usually only has one task per shot, the in-between headers with the shot number seem like overkill. It would be more useful to have in-between headers of sequences that divide the task lists. We're currently on a project with several hundred shots and each artist usually has more tasks than fit on a screen, so this sorting option would really help to get a better overview.
  11. On our project it happens often that a note gets added to the wrong "level", e.g. it's a comp review note but it gets added at the shot level. Sometimes I think this happens because it's easy to go up one level (version->task->shot) but requires more clicks and there are multiple ways to go down (search for shot using Q key -> tasks -> comp -> versions ->... or related tasks -> ...) so sometimes people don't care. Sometimes, it actually turns out later that what the reviewer thought was a comp issue is actually something that needs to be adressed in another task (like shading). Anyway... my feature request would be for a manager type user to be able to move a note to another task or version within the same shot. It could be implemented in the small menu that already contains edit and delete. cheers Stefan
  12. sorry for not replying earlier. Yes, everything's fine when I hit reload.
  13. Hi! We've built a custom publish tool and we're creating a note for it by calling createNote() on an asset version created by .createVersion(). On the website, the new note pops up in the notes of the version and the corresponding shot (in real time) but not on the task that the version belongs to. Only if I create a second note the first one shows up in the task's side panel, but then the second one isn't there. However, both notes show up correctly on the side panel of the version and the shot. I can reload Ftrack to make all notes show up on the task's side panel. Are we missing a specific API in our code, maybe to refresh the task's side panel with all available notes? Or is this a browser issue (Firefox/Linux)? cheers Stefan
  14. cool! We're currently rolling our own publish tool for quick mass-publishing of renders. So that api call is the way to go I think. Thanks!
  15. Would it be possible to somehow display changes to shot attributes in the shot's activity tab? It would sometimes be helpful to see a record of particular changes ("Bob changed Frame Start to 1000") in that list.
  16. Hi, We would like to publish finished composites with the version number of the Nuke script that generated that render. But publishing it will always start at v1 and we'll lose the connection to the Nuke script version. Can we force the version number somehow? So we get a v5 if the artist never published versions 1 through 4, then a v10 if he decides to not release versions 6 through 9. We don't need to use or extend your Nuke plugin for this. If the API supports it, we could roll our own publish script for this. Thanks Stefan
  17. Hi! when I'm reviewing shots, I'm using a filter on the spreadsheet to show all tasks whose status is "pending review". Now, when I change the status of a task to something else and click save, the task remains in the spreadsheet. I need to reload the whole browser window to update the list. Would it be possible to automatically refresh that list? I can imagine situations where it might not be useful to make items disappear... so maybe there could be a tiny reload icon next to the save button that would trigger a faster refresh than reloading the browser window? cheers Stefan
  18. Sorry to hop onto this thread, but you've mentioned the role type. What exactly is the intention of this attribute? I've read the support article that mentions it but I'm still no sure how to use it or why it exists. The only difference seems to be in the amount of options I get when editing that role? thanks Stefan
  19. Thanks for your fast reply. Yes, it's like you said. I like the simplicity of ftrack when it comes to having only four internal states no matter how many custom status types you define. So even a global option that lets only managers switch to/from the "Done" and "Blocked" states would already prevent accidental or bogus status changes by our artists. cheers Stefan
  20. Hi, I'm evaluating our company's free trial and so far I'm really impressed by the slick GUI and the features of ftrack! Congratulations. One question though... Can I prevent users from approving tasks themselves? I'd like this to be the responsibility of a supervisor or department lead. Do I need to define special roles or managers in ftrack?