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    TDArlt reacted to Simon Stålner in Private tasks   
    Hello Chris,
    Thank you for your feedback!
    I've added this as a feature request and development will take at look at it.
    Thanks again.
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    TDArlt got a reaction from Lorenzo Angeli in Gantt Chart - export   
    A small update for everyone listening here:
    I've made the first steps for creating the Gantt-exporter.
    It's not finished, but might be sufficient for some of you already:
    I will keep you updated 🙂
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    TDArlt reacted to Lucas Correia in HTTP: Update task's status   
    The Python API Client often uses relationships (e.g. status) to update entities, but when using the raw API backend or the JS API client I recommend that you instead the relationship key attributes instead. In this case, that would be `status_id`.
    A more complete example of a request body would be:
    [ { "action": "update", "entity_type": "Task", "entity_key": [ "12bd29be-72b0-11e7-96a7-0a580ae40a16" ], "entity_data": { "status_id": "44dd9fb2-4164-11df-9218-0019bb4983d8", "__entity_type__": "Task" } } ] Regards,
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    TDArlt reacted to JPrydz in Gantt Chart - export   
    Hi Chris,
    You can retrieve the underlying data with a script and put together a report yourself if you want.
    An example is available here: