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  1. Hi there, As I read about the Russian language support today, I wonder if localization is now no problem anymore (7 years after the posts above 😉 )? Is there any chance of getting the hands on the language files and helping you out with translating? In my case, it'd be German. Best, Chris
  2. Hi there, Is there anything on the roadmap regarding the mobile apps? If you are using a tablet, you'd better use the website, but if you like to get a quick overview (especially the dashboards) on a mobile phone, there is no real solution. Also, the taskboard is very clumsy (if you have like 30 tasks, they are displayed just too large to have a real overview). So before starting to write a custom/internal app, I'd be interested into what's you plan here - if any? Best, Chris
  3. Hi there, Being quite new to ftrack, I/we have had other tools to manage these "tiny tasks" that come up in a moment, need to be done in a few days and require just half an hour of work. Writing everything down into a single task like "arrange team meeting" or "find vfx marker documents and print out" does not play well with the well structured projects in ftrack - especially if there are tasks like "remind client that we talked about a possible future project" that have no real project at the moment. So what I am looking for, is a possiblity to have private tasks. They should appear in the task board and it would be great to create them from there as well. I think, in general, this could be a project that is just visible for me (this is how I do it right now), just with some tiny differences to a classic project: The project does not have/require a start and end date Creating a task must be much faster. As I do not want to open up too much of a new concept, you might probably set "default properties" for these kinds of tasks (assigned to: me, task type: xy, etc.) and just open up a window for setting name and due date. Probably you would like to clean up the project from time to time, as the list could get very long... So perhaps you'd regulary clean up the list from tasks that have been finished more than two weeks ago or something. I know that this could be done with Actions as well, but even an Actions-button is missing on the task board, so this would be the minimum helping me out there 😉 Best, Chris
  4. TDArlt

    Gantt Chart - export

    A small update for everyone listening here: I've made the first steps for creating the Gantt-exporter. It's not finished, but might be sufficient for some of you already: I will keep you updated 🙂
  5. Thanks, Lucas! It seems like I did not try this, although it totally makes sense - and works perfectly.
  6. Hi there, I'm currently integrating ftrack into some existing processes on our side. One step is that a client can use a web-interface from us where she/he may set some things approved/unapproved. I'd like to get a direct feedback of this one to an internally referenced task in ftrack. So, there is a update call that looks like that: { action: update entity_type: Task entity_key: [ #ID OF THE TASK# ] entity_data: { status: { __entity_type__: Status id: #ID OF THE STATUS I LIKE TO SET# } } } I get the response "Cannot set relationship to string value." (value error). Updating other things (like name, etc.) works (as I set the string directly), but it won't let me update the status. So, what am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance! Chris
  7. TDArlt

    Gantt Chart - export

    Thanks, Johan! That looks like a very good point to start from. I will have a deeper look into this within the next weeks and keep you all updated. Best, Chris
  8. TDArlt

    Gantt Chart - export

    I would also be interested in this one, as our clients love Gantt Charts and I'd enjoy having a snapshot the current state of the project for them. If this is not on your roadmap anymore, I suppose that's something you could create with an Action. So I might dig into this, if that's the offical statement? Best, Chris
  9. Hi there, An here's another one who would love to be invited to the slack channel 😉 Thanks in advance! Chris