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  1. I think last time I asked it wasn't possible. I resorted to API filter and delete
  2. Hi guys. I have an idea that might make navigating and sorting through the ftrack interface a bit easier. The problem is that when there are too many sequences, shots, tasks in the project it become difficult to micro manage everything. Especially priorities and due dates. We won't have time to be putting dates and priorities on every task, however it's nice to have them as it makes organizing views, tasks and work in general easier. So I'm thinking whether it would be possible to implement some kind of top-down inheritance as an override on on certain task attributes. I'll use priority
  3. Hey guys. I'll bump this a little bit and add to it. We're really trying our best to use 'my tasks' view but currently it's missing a few crucial pieces for us. 1. Sorting by name, hierarchy exactly as Tilt wrote. Without this is becomes a big pile of mess and we can't find anything. This should be like a second layer of sorting on top of every single sorting type. So if I sort by priority, each priority category should be sorted by hierarchical name so if I have 30 medium priority shots, I can find ep100/sc02/sh0145 immediately. Same goes for sort by parent, this one is almost useful ap
  4. Eraser and undo...man we'd be loving that.
  5. To add to this one. I'd say that most of the 'types' things in ftrack should have a short name or 'code' field by which we could refer to it in the API. Usecase for task status codes: I have a daemon running that is responsible for changing statuses on task depending on what's happening with their versions. When i want to set a status using API I have to do something like this status = version.getStatus()project = version.getParents()[-1]statuses = project.getTaskStatuses()task = version.getTask()if status.getName() == 'Approved': task.setStatus(statuses[3])Now I know that status 3 of thi
  6. Ha, that's an elegant solution. I found this out accidentally, when I was trying to achieve the exact opposite . Glad it helped
  7. That's because it's not task type, but Asset Build type. You need to add it through add filter in the filter pane
  8. I have a feeling that I've asked for this before so I'll join this noble cause. Clickable Asset build types would be great. Meanwhile, workaround is using filters. Unfortunately since v3 they are not saveable any more, so you'll always have to choose asset build -> type and then choose the type from the filter panel on the right.
  9. Actually I just found out, that this works to a certain degree. You need to use the team menu in the sidebar. When you leave it empty, then you see all the people in dropdowns. But if you choose a team for give project, You'll limit the dropdown menus to only selected users. In the attached screenshot, only I would appear in any user lists across the project. Mattias: I can however confirm, that making a person inactive, doesn't remove him from the user lists. (which I personally like. )
  10. Strangely I'm having quite the opposite issues. When I add new inactive users (so I can plan production a few weeks and months ahead) I can't see them anywhere. Let's say I have a project starting in a months, I know I'll need to recruit 3 more people just for this project. I'd like to be able to plan this with dummy inactive accounts. Ideal solution here might be that they show up in studio planning tab so I can assign them to phases and see how many people I'll need at certain times. This would technically work as a kind of database for freelancers. I could plan ahead, and activate their acc
  11. Hi guys. Has anyone tried turning the hiero integraton into nuke studio? I didn't have time to get into it yet, but I'm assuming it should be fairly straight forward looking at the similarities between the two. Cheers. Milan
  12. This is, brilliant idea. Even though the thumbnail population itself would be great at this point
  13. I'll second this. I'm having to find awkward workarounds for this now, so It would be greatly appreciated
  14. We never got it to work on windows and ended up using ftrack in hiero purely for shot ingest nothing else.
  15. I agree that some options of version handling would be handy. The trouble is that different studios might have very different version naming convention and systems so figuring out something that would work across the board would be challenging. On the other hand, I was developing on a production recently where current default version handling was actually requested because they specifically wanted to have ftrack versions for review separated from file versioning. Ftrack in vanilla state is currently very opened system and quite frankly needs a developer to make full use of it (as does shotgu
  16. I'll second this, even though we're currently just treating sequence as episodes, which works fine. The only thing missing is pretty icon in UI.
  17. I'd say that adding 'sub-tasks' to task types, would a bit of an overkill. I always considered task name as very suitable for this kind of work. Filtering shouldn't be a problem either. If you only want to see for instance Hero animation task, a simple filter can do the trick.
  18. Hey. First of all, client reviews look great and really foolproof, however there are couple of things we'd really appreciate. 1. Possibility for client to display a 'thumbnail view' of all the items. Pretty much what it looks like when managing client reviews. When you click on a thumbnail, it opens overlay with big version and comments for it. 2. Scrolling in the list of items. Currently if we put 15-20 items in the list, there is no way to get to the last one without clicking through them. (There often situations where client doesn't have time to go through everything, but we need one
  19. I'll second this request. It would certainly help a lot.
  20. I will second this. It would certainly look cleaner if nothing else and the icons give better idea of what the option represent.
  21. Damn. 3 people in the office looking and not one noticed that fella. Thank you
  22. Having messages, notes, newly assigned task... or pretty much anything (preferably customisable) make a small pop up notification on the desktop when they are sent or assigned would be very useful. The problem is that people might forget to check their messages, but if they get a tiny pop up it will at the very least remind them to go a check what's going on. Something like this for instance https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?hl=en-GB I'm not sure how easy is something like this to implement in other browsers, but Chrome seems to have built in way of doing it. I can imagine
  23. It would be great if we could customise types of upload in the launcher uploader. Currently there are only 4 options (img sequence, geometry, maya scene and nuke script), however if we could extend this to custom values, it would make it straight away possible to use ftrack with much wider range of workflows and software even before they are properly integrated. Example1: In current production we are using CelAction, which doesn't even have python, but giving artists option to publish manually through launcher by choosing CelAction scene and let's say quicktime movie, would make it possible
  24. I'm having troubles getting hiero to work properly. Firstly whatever I do it can't recognize published ftrack Assets to built timeline from. I either get a message 'No matching Assets were found to build the track from.' if I select to match by shot, or error ' Unknown Entity ID: 'b510f0a6-b364-11e3-aa05-040112b6a801' (None)' if I match by clip. I can however see the versions and import them manually through 'Import Published clips'. Another thing is that I can't see anything in the hiero ftrackReview workspace. All the panels are empty (apart from viewer of course). The same goes for f
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