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  1. That works! I guess I would have preferred to set the user on the event before it's created, but this is fine also. Thanks!
  2. Ok, I see the dilemma. I was thinking the event should be filtered by the source ID, but hadn't considered other sources such as browsers complicating things. Thanks for clarifying!
  3. Sorry to revive an old thread, but is there any way to change the user for the Activity also? The change suggested by @Mattias Lagergren definitely changes the "Published By" property, but the Activities tab for the Asset Version still shows "<api user> published..." instead of the user I specify in the `user_id`.
  4. That was it! Thank you for your prompt response! That brings me to a second question that is less pressing: shouldn't the `publish_components` hook only respond to events that were generated on the originating machine?
  5. I've written a custom location plugin for ftrack-connect and the 'real' paths to file components show up correctly in the ftrack UI. I can also use the 'Open Directory' action successfully, etc. My issue stems from publishing a version in Photoshop. The publish appears to fail (see attached), but the file is created in the correct place and the ftrack UI shows the new version and its corresponding component. If it didn't actually fail (from a practical standpoint), why am I getting this error? The other thing to note is that I'm on a Windows 10 system, so the listed components configuration location is correct, but for some reason ftrack-connect wants it to be at a macOS location instead. The ftrack-connect logs don't show an error, so I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this.