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    Eric L reacted to Milan Kolar in Slack User Group   
    Soo. I went ahead and created an Ftrack Slack User Group. However there's this small problem I haven't realized till now. Slack is not very good with public access, so every person needs to get an invite (or be within a specific domain, which is even worse).
    There is this lovely service called slackin, but that of course needs to run on something. 
    Right now I'm ok with just sending out invites like crazy if anyone asks here to get it going. Theoretically as it grows this won't be an issue, because any member can send an invite. It'll just be a bit of a hassle at the beginning.
    Maybe ftrack guys would be interested in hosting this tiny slackin service, to make it easier?
    the address is: ftrackusers.slack.com
    Come join the party... (it's very, very lonely right now  )
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    Eric L reacted to Chris McMahon in ftrack acquires Cospective, developer of the Academy Award-winning cineSync   
    We are incredibly pleased to announce that today, Cospective, creator of the Academy Award and Emmy-winning synchronized remote review tool cineSync, has joined forces with ftrack!
    We have enjoyed a close working relationship with Cospective since 2015. During that time, we’ve developed a deep integration that links cineSync with ftrack Studio, and a working relationship with the Cospective team that has flourished over the years. We’ve partnered with Cospective at industry events, shared many meals, and grown as both friends and colleagues.
    For us, Cospective was the natural choice for a partner. The company mirrors ftrack in its professionalism, creative aspirations, and spirit of innovation, and in cineSync, Cospective has built a robust and industry-changing product that continues to find new ways to simplify and streamline workflows for creative professionals all around the world. Cospective’s ambitions align very firmly with our own, and we are extraordinarily proud to bring both its people and products under the ftrack umbrella.
    You can learn more about this landmark acquisition and what it means for this new chapter in the ftrack (and Cospective!) story below.
    Read the full story about ftrack's acquisition of Cospective

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