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  1. Hi Lorenzo. I try the Houdini Connect Plugin and have problems: 1- publish snapshot don't work. 2-publishing with [scenes] publish type,can't import the scenes using the ftrack connect. 3-publishing with [geometry] publish, if use [all] export type,can't import the scenes using the ftrack connect. Publishing with [geometry] publish type, if use [selected] export type, it's work well. I test with Houdini 18.0.287 and 17.5.391. Regards,
  2. Oh...ok. Thank you for the reply. Paulo
  3. Hi I need sort the changed dates of statuses. Whats expression nescessary to make a custom atribute for show the changed dates of statuses? I thing make something like uploadep picture. Regards.
  4. I try to add access to project,but role not matching and cant save it...
  5. Hi In current version of ftrack these containts dont exists(see the attach pic). This feature is deleted on current version?
  6. Hi I try to make user with access only asigned tasks, but nothing appear on the user view. What's wrong on my settings... regards.
  7. Hi Johan Thank's, for the reply.It works. Regards, Paulo
  8. 3ds max2018 disappears from ftrack panel and from 3dsMax panel. I restart computer and reinstall ftrack connection again, but the problem not resolved.
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