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  1. Hi Simon, We are good as far as building and hosting widgets. What we need is an example of an Action that launches one, which is what seems to be needed to replace the default project creation UI.
  2. We are looking into this as well. We've built our own project creation widget and would like our action to launch it. Do you have any examples of an action launching a widget?
  3. Thanks Lucas, I tried it out and it's perfect for what I need. -Mike O
  4. Has there been an update to this? I am running into the same problem with the JavascriptAPI. I'm trying to build a dropdown with all available Asset Build types for the current projectSchema in my UI. I've scoured the projectSchema entity and can't find the necessary data. -Mike O
  5. Thank you Lucas, npm installs and starts correctly now.
  6. I've tried running npm install on this react example. I get an error with the reference to the ftrack-web-widget.git. Is there a way to get this working, or can we get an updated widget example with updated references? snippet of npm logs below: 1658 error Error while executing: 1658 error /usr/bin/git ls-remote -h -t ssh://git@bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-web-widget.git 1658 error 1658 error git@bitbucket.org: Permission denied (publickey). 1658 error fatal: Could not read from remote repository. 1658 error 1658 error Please make sure you have the correct access rights 1658 error and the repository exists. 1658 error 1658 error exited with error code: 128 1659 verbose exit [ 1, true ]