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  1. Hi Lorenzo, Thanks for the reply. I'm wondering if this is an issue on Deadline's side then. Because it's their Plug-in generating and uploading the video as seen in the attached images. Sounds like the way the "Project Management" implementation for submitting to Ftrack from Deadline doesn't encode the video. Maybe I need to use a Custom Draft template. I'll investigate further on the Thinkbox Deadline forums. Thanks!
  2. Hi There, I'm looking to implement Thinkbox Deadline's Draft in combination with Ftrack to automated the packaging up of image sequences into h.264 MOV files which then are directly uploaded to Ftrack via the Ftrack "Pipeline" tool in 3ds Max's deadline submitter. Only thing not working is once the .MOV gets uploaded to Ftrack it's not encoding causing it to be unplayable. I've tried the various "Types" of asset (new upload, image sequence etc) all with the same result. So close to having this work, just can't seem to get the encoding to happen on upload when coming from Deadline.
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