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  1. Hello all, I'm trying to create some scripts to autoupload a batch of reference movies and link them against their respective shots. I managet to get stuff to work, but I have two problems: I need to display the upload and encoding status in % in the terminal More Importantly, I need the upload to be fast, right now it takes 5 full minutes to upload 20 megs on a 100Mbit upload connection, which is soooo slow. Most probably it's a python problem, but i'd rather not spin up my own server just to have concurrency and data updates, it wold be overkill for this kind of stuff. I noticed that the Review upload has the progress bar embedded (also for multiple files), so there's actually a way to see the upload status, and it's also very fast. Any chance anyone knows how to? This is an excerpt of my upload code def doShotListAuto(sl): for row in sl: shot = session.create('Shot', { 'name': row['Shot Name'], 'parent': current_project, 'status': default_shot_status }) asset_type = session.query('AssetType where name is "Upload"').one() asset = session.create('Asset', { 'name': row['Shot Name'] + '_REF', 'type': asset_type, 'parent': shot }) asset_version = session.create('AssetVersion', { 'asset': asset, 'task': shot }) component = asset_version.create_component( path = row['Base Dir'] + '/' + row['Reference Movie'], data = { 'name': row['Shot Name'] + '_REF' }, location = server_location ) shot['thumbnail_id'] = asset_version['thumbnail_id'] asset_version.encode_media(component) doShotListAuto(my_shot_list) session.commit() Thanks! Max