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    Dan Tennant-Ralphs reacted to Lorenzo Angeli in 0.2.3   
    Download 0.2.3
    Originally written by Mike Datsik
    What's new
    * Ensure loads correctly under latest version of houdini (18.0)
    * Update to latest QtExt to Fix QStringListModel compatibility for PySide2 5.9+.
    * Update plugin built for pip 19+
    * Update icon path
    How to install
    stop ftrack-connect-package
    download and uncompress the new version in :
    restart ftrack-connect-package
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    Dan Tennant-Ralphs reacted to Sevag Chamelian in ftrack at b'Ars 2018 in Barcelona   
    You can meet the ftrack team in Barcelona on November 30 (Friday) and December 1 (Saturday) for b'Ars.
    We'll be available for demos and to answer your questions all day at a dedicated stand. We'll also have ftrack users Twin Pines presenting to share how they use ftrack for Episodic TV and Films. 
    For more information and to schedule a meeting with the ftrack team: https://www.ftrack.com/en/2018/10/ftrack-bars-barcelona-2018.html