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  1. Ok... it disappears by itself once it's empty... but you have to close and reopen the "Manage tasks workflow schema" window... Sorry but I couldn't find this information anywhere ! I think it could be useful to create an "Remove override" button... to not have to empty an "Override (task types)" folder, task by task, before deleting it. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I don't have duplicated "overrides" but the only question is : how do you delete an "Override (task types)" folder in the "Manage tasks workflow schema" window ? I can move tasks from the "Override (task types)" folder to put them back in "Task types (default)"... but how can I delete an "Override (task types)" folder once it's empty or not ? No "Remove override" button on screen (only the "Add override" one), no right-click contextual menu, no keyboard shortcut (I tried "del", "suppr"... etc). So ? Is it only possible ? Thank you.