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  1. a bit late but, the custom attribute available for all projects is somehow great but i'd prefer the attribute being available for all the asset, instead of creating an attribute by type wich is annoying and useless. like the possibility to add a note or technNote atribute for being able to put a comment on what i want, is actually not doable.
  2. Hello, Actually we are using the nive review feature and also the generate report feature wich create a nice PDF with comment but if no modification has been made on the images, the picture does'nt appear on the report, it would be really nice to be able to force if needed the appearence of them in the pdf to be able to recall with something else than the name, what does it look like. thank you by advance
  3. As it is now, we can only create a custom attribute by task but some atribute may need to be general like a column with "Technical Infos" wich is not just a description also a "state" ore name it as you want, for attributes like "Reuse, partialReuse, new" it will be very efficient for series, type of production where you need to be able to track and project wich asset is already done or derivate from another well the the capacity to create general Custom attribute would be a plus. and must not be complicated to do ^^