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  1. Is there more to the error? Can you post some more of the log? What are you doing when the error pops up? Can you load the Diagnostics page in Server Settings?
  2. Hi Peter, If you or someone on your team is comfortable working with the API and running an event listener, it would be possible to respond to a user's deleting the value. You could revert to the previous value, set it to a default, or prompt the user to set it themselves. Here's a similar example to get you started--reverting status changes by users not in a certain group.
  3. Hi Alex, You should be able to use the objectTypeId on the event, to distinguish between Sequences, Shots and Tasks. When your script starts, get the ids of each relevant ObjectType and then just compare against those. objectTypeId is even available on the event for deleted shots.
  4. Hi Janos, I don't believe there's a way to access URIs through the API. What the problem with the link you're constructing?
  5. The importer should work with the exported TSV data. What issue are you seeing? Is the format being changed by your spreadsheet application?
  6. Hi Laura, No news yet; it's still the case that one cannot query custom expression attributes through the API. I don't have an ETA at this time either.