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  1. @Mattias Seebergs when using Ftrack on newer systems, we're not getting the "Desktop Notifications" option - it says "Desktop notifications off" and is greyed out/unclickable. This is happening on macOS Catalina running the latest safari and Chrome, and on centOS running Chrome and Chromium. It shows up as expected on macOS Sierra in Safari/Chrome, and an older linux install in Chrome/Chromium. Any ideas?
  2. Just wanted to follow up on this - is it supported in the API yet, or still not? Doesn't seem to be possible still via the web interface, is that correct?
  3. Ah ok, so it's not actually storing as a list. Great, thank you!!!
  4. I'm trying to query for a specific value that exists in a multi-select dynamic enum. Here's the value of the attribute: In [10]: task['custom_attributes']['userDynEnum_Coordinator'] Out[10]: [u'greyc', u'jennifera'] If there's only one value selected in the enum, I can use this query: 'Task where custom_attributes any (key is "userDynEnum_Coordinator" and value is "greyc")' But with multiple values, that doesn't work. I can use this: 'Task where custom_attributes any (key is "userDynEnum_Coordinator" and value like "%greyc%")' But that's dangerous because if "grey" is ever a value, it would return that as well, and I don't want it to. I've also tried these query options and they throw errors: 'Task where custom_attributes any (key is "userDynEnum_Coordinator" and value any ("greyc"))' 'Task where custom_attributes any (key is "userDynEnum_Coordinator" and value has ("greyc"))' 'Task where custom_attributes any (key is "userDynEnum_Coordinator" and "greyc" in value)' Any suggestions on what I could do here?
  5. Amazing, thank you!! That will be very helpful for us
  6. I'm trying to determine the account type (i.e. LDAP vs ftrack vs google vs saml) for a user through the api - however I'm having a hard time tracking down where to find the association on a user object. Any ideas?
  7. Yes, I'm trying to just return the list names a shot belongs to that have specific custom attribute values. It doesn't look like I'm able to do what I'm after in one query without having to do a bunch of post-processing/iterating through the lists.
  8. Hey all, I'm trying to gather the names of lists with a specific custom attribute that shots belong to. My question is two-fold: 1) Is there a way to return JUST the values I'm after in these queries? For example in the query below, from each shot I want only the lists with the "flagRV" attribute returned. Right now it returns all lists associated with the shot: select name, project.name, project_id, lists.name, lists.custom_attributes from Shot where project.name = {0} and name in ({1}) and lists.custom_attributes any (key is "flagRV" and value is "True") In this next query, I've reversed the logic to lookup by lists, but only want items (shots) returned that are mentioned in the query - right now it returns ALL items/shots in the resulting lists: select name, project.name, project_id, items.name from TypedContextList where project.name = {0} and custom_attributes any (key is "flagRV" and value is "True") and items any (name in ({1})) 2) Assuming the answer to my first question is NO, is there a way to pre-project data for nested items? With the queries above, only the shot/list ids are returned, even though I'm trying to explicitly return the names. In this scenario, lazy queries are not an option, so the data has to be pre-projected. Thanks!
  9. Can I get an invite to this please? justinp@lumapictures.com Thx!
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