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  1. Hello everyone, After some days of R&D on Shotgun, I decided to try Ftrack. The interface is much easier to learn and the global visualization way clearer but I'm stucked for some details. My main question is : after creating a project within it 2 hierarchys following : 1) TEST_002_PROJET (Project) / EPISODES (Folder) / EPISODE_001 (Episode) / SHOT_001 (Shot) / Different tasks for layout, rendering, animation, etc... 2) TEST_002_PROJET (Project) / CHARACTERS (Folder) / CHARACTER_001 (Asset Build Character) / Different tasks for modeling, rigging, etc... Is it possible to link, in this type of hierarchy, an asset to several shots ? In my example, my (Asset Build) Character is present in the first shot of the episode and I want to automatically link it to the whole hierarchy (in order to see the asset in the episode). My goal is to get a complete list of every asset present in an episode with this automatic linking (because assigning every asset to every shot, sequence, episode, etc... manually is time consuming). Regards,