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    rupal.khilari reacted to INFECTED in Assigning user groups to objects   
    Cool, thanks for your feedback Mattias.
    The more i think about this concept the more it makes sense for me and is super appealing.
    In a large project Producers or Lead artist don't necessarily need to assign all tasks to a specific user. The freedom of saying for example these are alle the 3D modelling tasks and i assign them to the 3D modelers group seems very nice.  These tasks then appear under the 'available task' column in the my task view for everyone in this group and if a 3D modeler drags a task to another column 'in progress' for example it gets assigned to him/her directly and disappears from the 'available task column for everyone else. So they just work through the pile as they like.
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    rupal.khilari reacted to AlbertoGz in Set home/start page after login   
    Its possible set different start page to show after login? For example Project Manager instead MyTasks
    I think start page as MyTasks is good scenario for an artist, but person with other rol, like a project manager person perhaps he wants start with other page.
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    rupal.khilari reacted to katalina-w in Notification filtering   
    Hi all,
    Now that we're setting supervisors as managers on more and more projects, I've been asked if it's possible to filter the types of tasks supervisors receive notifications about. For instance, an integration supervisor is receiving notifications about all tasks and publishes, and would benefit from the ability to be able to choose to receive only notifications regarding tracking and matchmove (and anything else he might select).
    Is this on your roadmap or something you'd consider investigating?
    Thanks as always,
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    rupal.khilari reacted to vfxman222 in Assignee for a shot, not just tasks   
    It would be nice to be able to choose an assignee for a shot. Having full task breakdown assignments are great, but a lot of times I have a need to assign a full shot (all tasks included) to one person. Viewing that assignee when the hierarchy view is in collapsed view would be nice as well.
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    rupal.khilari reacted to Erik in Please bring back / keep updating the 'old' docs   
    Agree. I find the old docs much clearer and easier to navigate.
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    rupal.khilari reacted to Martin Pengelly-Phillips in Please bring back / keep updating the 'old' docs   
    We find the 'old' documentation invaluable for sharing and training internally. The new docs simply aren't suitable (at least not yet).
    We miss the ability to:
    Link to specific sub-sections.  Access the docs offline. Navigate left and right through a topic. Link to the specific release documentation (as we are often behind latest by a few versions).  Link directly to API reference (via intersphinx) from our API reference and then maintain context in surrounding docs. Please bring back the 'old' docs or at least keep updating them alongside the new ones until you can support all these features in the new docs.