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  1. Hello, we use custom python ftrack integration for our artists. But all new artist added recently couldn't see their personal API key in settings (it is hidden under *********). So those users couldn't use essential tools for our pipeline. How could user obtain his personal Api Key Is it some setting to enable it for ASSIGNED-based role?
  2. oh, projection should be fast enough. Thank you. Just to clarify: Project dosen't have some property that holds users from tasks?
  3. Yes I have standalone tool that used list of projects that's loaded from Ftrack. I need to show only projects that user is involved in. Ah, get from user side. Ok I'll try but I will need to get list of all tasks that artist is assigned to so it could be slower
  4. Hi For example I have list of projects: Project01 Project02 Project03 Project04 I also have some user assigned to some tasks in Project02 and Project03. How could I query only that projects?
  5. Hello, we found a huge hole in our production. There are number of freelancers in our pipeline. So we made freelander account fo each of them and dashboard with their tasks. Everything is cool - each freelanser could see only his own tasks... BUT: as soon as he clicks on a task, sidebar with its properties appeared, and it has this clickable path... thing... so he could click on a project link (SMALL_PEOPLE in this example) and then he could see EVERYTHING: notes, versions, links, attachments etc. like so: (see - on first picture artist was on some asset but now he could see shots he isn't assigned to) Yeah I found how to disable to edit other entitys, but it is not enough. We've got very restrictive policy in our company about freelancers - they have to be unable to see anything other than their exact tasks. How to set this up? maybe hide this "Linked to" path from some users, or maybe it is possible to disable visibility of unassignet tasks for some users (I haven't found it ((( )? It is actually very serious problem for us, serious enough that our bosses are considering now about droping ftrack entirely from our pipeline if this problem won't be solved in nearest time thank you
  6. thank you very much! next question: is it possible to get uploading/encoding progress somehow to use for progressbar in my pySide application?
  7. found this: job = asset_version.encode_media('/PATH/TO/MEDIA') this doing ALMOST what I need. Only one thing left: Why my original vile is always called "main" after encoding this way? Using drag n drop is keeps original name somehow
  8. Hello, I've got great headache with publishing versions with video for review with python api. My goal is to get exactly same behaviour as wheen using drag and drop: - Encode video - Video sould be playable in web player and in web review tool - Thumbnail You know how it should look, obviously: At first I tried to do as documentation says. just: asset_type = session.query('AssetType where name is "Upload"').one() f_asset = session.create('Asset', { 'name': 'cg0019_prm_05', 'type': asset_type, 'parent': f_shot }) asset_version = session.create('AssetVersion', { 'asset': f_asset, 'task': f_shot }) component = asset_version2.create_component( path='D:\\yandex\\YandexDisk\\WOF\\tmp\\_bd_to_ftrack\\ml\\prm\\', data={ 'name': 'ftrackreview-mp4' }, location=server_location ) component['metadata']['ftr_meta'] = json.dumps({ 'frameIn': 0, 'frameOut': 33, 'frameRate': 24 }) component.session.commit() After executing that video file successfuly uploaded to ftrack.server and version is generated. BUT: - Video isn't playable in web player (I could only download it and play locally) - There are no thumbnail looks completely diffrent from drag-n-drop version: Ok I added encoding at the end before commit: #blah blah bla same code as before component['metadata']['ftr_meta'] = json.dumps({ 'frameIn': 0, 'frameOut': 33, 'frameRate': 24 }) job2 = session.encode_media(component) component.session.commit() I see that Encoding job has been added to the queue, but results are the same Ok I made thumbnail by myself and upload it separately: thumbnail = session.create_component(path='D:\\yandex\\YandexDisk\\WOF\\tmp\\_bd_to_ftrack\\ml\\tbn\\cg0019_prm.jpg', data={'name': 'thumbnail'}, location=server_location) asset_version2['thumbnail'] = thumbnail Now I've got thumbnail! (But it isn't right I used to write stuff fo three other project managment systems - all of them have a way to automatically create thumbnail one way or another, so I think it should be a way in ftrack too) But video still doesnt work. Trying to upload and encode it separately: component = session.create_component(path='D:\\yandex\\YandexDisk\\WOF\\tmp\\_bd_to_ftrack\\ml\\prm\\', data={'name': 'ftrackreview-mp4'}, location=server_location) component['metadata']['ftr_meta'] = json.dumps({ 'frameIn': 0, 'frameOut': 33, 'frameRate': 24 }) session.commit() job2 = session.encode_media(component) asset_type2 = session.query('AssetType where name is "Upload"').one() f_asset2 = session.create('Asset', { 'name': 'cg0019_prm_03_mov', 'type': asset_type2, 'parent': f_shot2 }) asset_version2 = session.create('AssetVersion', { 'asset': f_asset2, 'task': f_shot2 }) asset_version2['components'] = [component] thumbnail = session.create_component(path='D:\\yandex\\YandexDisk\\WOF\\tmp\\_bd_to_ftrack\\ml\\tbn\\cg0019_prm.jpg', data={'name': 'thumbnail'}, location=server_location) asset_version2['thumbnail'] = thumbnail session.commit() Same result. What am I doing wrong?