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  1. Good evening. I drag&drop Excel or Word (or any other) file into Task Version Then, if i download it from versions, it comes out with name "xlsx" and without file type What should i do, to download exact inputed file (with its original name and file type)? Thanx
  2. Please, explaine, how can i sort tasks (in my tasks), so that the last Done tasks were on top of the list?
  3. Please, explaine, what is the diffarance (what does it mean) between Notes and Massages in notification settings?
  4. As a user, i want to see all notes using ftrack in one Inbox container on mobile app. When someone sending a new note to me from the object, im not able to see it in mobile app. To see that note, i recieve email notification and go by the link to the main app (where the number of characters is limited) => and go to main inbox.
  5. Great. Thank you and waiting for the respond.
  6. As a PM, i want to see all Milestones of all projects. There's a lot of types of them, so it would be great, if i could filter them by Type in overview mode.