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  1. Maya 2018, do not start in some cases, its pretty weird. Cant be lunch with some users (admin user). And while using fTrack to start Maya 2018.1, it override some part of the maya env variable. And disable some of our production script. If using fTrack, is one step forward and four backward ...... How can I patch this, forbid fTrack to disable our script, and what fTrack is patching to manually lunch it in Maya without fTrack connect ? exemple : Failed to execute userSetup.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\trunk\lightshader\maya\scripts\userSetup.py", line 1, in <module> from lightshader.qt.interface import LSMenu ImportError: No module named lightshader.qt.interface
  2. Hi, For the latest version of the Adobe product (CC 2018) ZXP installer didn't seems to work at all. If you need to install an add-ons on these version. Under Adobe CC desktop apps, you need to enable all the notification (OS apps etc) enable the CC share files and install Adobe Extension Manager. Finally on the Adobe addons website, uninstall the ftrack addons, wait a couple minute, re-install ftrack addons. Chech on Adobe CC apps news feed, check if the installation was successful. For Maya 2018.1, it had worked once, but now it freeze on the loading screen (around of 180Mo of ram usage). The application appears in ftrack connect and I can lunch Maya 2018.1 threw it. Regards.
  3. Hi, I'm having the same problem here. I can't install the Photoshop extension, its seems the Photoshop version need to be between v16.0 and 19.9, and I'm running Photoshop CC 2018 v19.0 ... GG Adobe ! And I cant even lunch Maya 2017 update 4, if Ftrack connect. I've try for several hours, search over the internet and the ftrack doc, but find nothing, especially for Maya. For the Adobe extension if I need to uninstall all apps and reinstall, it will be a "hell no" ! Can you help us ?