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  1. Linking or deep copy of Asset Builds

    Hi Lucas, My code was using ftrack.getProject() to get the project entity, then looping through the asset builds using getAssetBuilds() to find the necessary assets to link. Then I was trying to link those AssetBuilds (which show up as "task" objects in the back end like I mentioned) using the call to session.create('TypedContextLink'). Looks like I'll need to use session queries instead. I'll give that a try, and if I have more difficulty I'll post to the API forum. Thanks for your help. -- Lori
  2. Linking or deep copy of Asset Builds

    Hi Mattias, Our ftrack version has been upgraded to, and now I'm getting a different error with the same code I was running before: that the asset build object (which shows up as a "task" type in the back end) is not JSON serializable. The documentation states that Since both of the objects I'm linking are tasks, I would expect them to link successfully as TypedContextLinks. Are there further restrictions on linking than what's outlined in the docs? Thanks, Lori
  3. Linking or deep copy of Asset Builds

    Thanks Mattias - I'll see about getting us upgraded to the latest version.
  4. How to create a custom location structure?

    Hi all, I'd like to create a custom location structure, and am having a little trouble finding information on how to go about it. Essentially, I'm creating a list of assets within a project, and I'd like to flip the directory structure around so that the project directory is inside the asset directory on the filesystem. Ftrack stores the files like this by default: MyProject1/ MyAssetBuild1/ MyAssetBuild2/ MyAssetBuild3/ MyProject2/ MyAssetBuild1/ MyAssetBuild2/ MyAssetBuild3/ I want to do this: MyAssetBuild1/ MyProject1/ MyProject2/ MyAssetBuild2/ MyProject1/ MyProject2 MyAssetBuild3/ MyProject1/ MyProject2/ From this post it seems I can inherit from ftrack_api.structure.base.Structure, but I can't sort out from that post how to assemble my own directory structure. This post also seems to indicate that it's possible, but the location docs it points to doesn't describe exactly how to do it. Is what I'm asking for possible with the current API? If so, is there a doc or forum post that describes what to override in ftrack_api.structure.base.Structure? If I need to crack open the code and sort it out myself, I'm happy to, but I thought there might be some docs somewhere that I've overlooked. Thanks for any help! -- Lori
  5. Linking or deep copy of Asset Builds

    The ftrack version displayed in System Settings is Thanks!
  6. Linking or deep copy of Asset Builds

    Hi Bjorn, Thanks a bunch for the info. I'm trying to create an entity link now and am hitting a problem. When I try to link two asset builds in two different projects, I get this error: In [16]: session.create('TypedContextLink', {'from': oAssetBuild1, 'to': oAssetBuild2}) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UnrecognisedEntityTypeError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-16-0604c8440a83> in <module>() ----> 1 session.create('TypedContextLink', {'from': oAssetBuild1, 'to': oAssetBuild2}) /anaconda/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ftrack_api/session.pyc in create(self, entity_type, data, reconstructing) 502 503 ''' --> 504 entity = self._create(entity_type, data, reconstructing=reconstructing) 505 entity = self.merge(entity) 506 return entity /anaconda/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ftrack_api/session.pyc in _create(self, entity_type, data, reconstructing) 511 EntityTypeClass = self.types[entity_type] 512 except KeyError: --> 513 raise ftrack_api.exception.UnrecognisedEntityTypeError(entity_type) 514 515 return EntityTypeClass(self, data=data, reconstructing=reconstructing) UnrecognisedEntityTypeError: Entity type "TypedContextLink" not recognised. I'm following the instructions on the page you linked to -- any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Lori
  7. Hi Ftrack, Is it possible (either through the web UI or via the API) to either copy or link asset builds between projects, or even within the same project?We’d like to set up two projects that will contain similar lists of asset builds, and have the asset builds in ProjectB be a kind of symlink to the asset builds in ProjectA. That way, we could have different hierarchies in the projects, and could add extra stuff in ProjectB that won’t show up in ProjectA. If the asset is deleted in ProjectA, the asset would be deleted in ProjectB as well.Barring that, is there a way to do a “deep copy” of an asset between projects such that all associated data (published versions, components, file locations, etc) are copied as well?Thank you!