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    Julian Martinz got a reaction from Mike Overbeck in Project Creation Dialog   
    Hey Johan,
    Actually, this is exactly what I (and Tim, if I understood him correctly, too) want to do. The question is where to find the default one.
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    Julian Martinz got a reaction from Alican in Ftrack Review Submission, Resource not found error   
    Hey  Alican,
    I didn't read through the entire thread but I think all you wanna do is adding a reviewable version to an assetversion. If that's correct you just can use the encode_media helper method from the asset_version itself and call it a day. With that method the media will be uploaded and encoded.
    ... asset_version = session.create('AssetVersion', {'asset': asset}) asset_version.encode_media(local_path_to_media) Best,
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    Julian Martinz got a reaction from John in Querying custom attributes   
    Hi there,
    you have to specify key, value pairs if you want to query custom attributes and metadata. The right syntax is
    s.query('AssetVersion where custom_attributes any (key=downstream and value=True)').first() Also notice that bools are written in upper case. So true won't work as value.
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    Julian Martinz reacted to John in Component path shows up red   
    Thanks Lorenzo, it works after launching ftrack connect(don't know it has to be with connect before).
    Is there anyway I can get it work without ftrack-connect? We've wrapped all the publish/actions launcher entrace so except for this we don't need ftrack-connect. It would be great if there's a way we can do it without ftrack-connect. Cheers.