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  1. Has anyone made any progress with this or found any work arounds? I like to bid on shows via ftrack and so am trying to export a pdf estimate. It's almost great just a bit ugly with the full file path and i can't get it to display the bid day totals on the shot level. Regarding the file path, i managed to get a short version by creating a custom attribute on the shot level with an expression {} this results in '001' rather than the long file path. BUT when exporting it's not possible to remove the task/shot so you get both in the pdf. I got the excel workflow working with find and replace but then I got caught up in a rabbit hole trying to get excel sheets to create nice looking estimates. Too many hurdles and clicks that way. Whilst we wait for an update... I wonder if anyone has come up with a better system since this post from 2016, perhaps creating an action and generating your own pdfs? Any input/knowledge share appreciated! Jono