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  1. Awesome! Thanks Fredrik.
  2. Awesome, thanks. I'll take a look and see how I go... I might have a few more questions.
  3. Hey, Question. Is there an option to prevent the renaming of a task, shot, sequence etc... after creation? Currently our studio uses a workflow that stores our assets based on the names within a project hierarchy, and if producers/artists can rename that hierarchy at any point, then that will cause a discrepancy between the file system and ftrack. Obviously we could convert to storing the data via IDs so that how the data is stored is irrespective of hierarchy, but that's less than ideal for our current way of working. The most ideal solution, which would be great if it's available, is the ability to renaming anything that hasn't had an asset save against it (linked to it). But once an asset has been associated, anything in the hierarchy can't be renamed (or at least not without super use privileges and a significant warning that this will break things). Thanks, Mark
  4. Hey, So I've just started evaluating ftrack, and was wondering if it's possible to restrict how project hierarchies are formed? I couldn't find anything quickly about it, so thought I'd ask. Essentially we want to make sure our studio conforms to a set way of setting up a project for consistency, and if the project structure can be ad-hocked, human error will cause the structure to be slightly different on each project... That's ok for humans most of the time, but trying to pipeline it will make the code more complex than it needs to be and introduce possible failure points. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hey, So, just a nitpick. When signing up and now using the forum, it's not HTTPS... something that isn't ideal when using passwords over the web. When you get time, are you able to convert the forum to use HTTPS. Cheers, Mark