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  1. Any ideas from the Ftrack team? Best.
  2. Hello Steve and thank you for the answer. No, I saw this option in the preference pannel and desactivated it. But the problem remains 😕
  3. Hello, When I am scheduling my tasks using gantt tool, I would like to ensure Ftrack doesn't use funny decimals with the length like 2,04 days. I am sure there is an option for that but unfortunatly I didn't found it... Do you have any suggestion? Best regards.
  4. Hello guys, After few months of using Ftrack, we gather few notes and feedbacks. It's not really a features request but mostly an open discussion to know what might already be in dev or a good idea to push further. My tasks - Upcoming Dates pannel (UI feedback) It would be nice if the name of the milestone is put forward. Currently, the whole hierarchy is written in the same font, same size. Milestones - (New feature?) It may be useful to be able to give a duration to a milestone. This would be convenient to symbolize the feedback time that the client has from the pr
  5. Hello Ftrack Community, - Let's say I have an Asset Build Folder for Character 1. - Inside it I have a task Modeling. - When I upload a new version of the task Modeling, I would like that the version's thumbnail replace the thumbnail of the task (Modeling) and the root folder (Character 1). Is there a way to allow Ftrack to do this automaticaly?
  6. Hello Ftrack, I wonder if we can set up some kind of IP restriction when a user want to log in ftrack. The idea is that only connections from the studio are allowed on our ftrack space. Best,
  7. Thank you Mattias for the answers! I have another question... It seems that I can't use inactive users when I work on planning my projects & ressources. They don't appear in "People" inside the Planning section. Am I right or did I made something wrong? Best,
  8. Another question... Okay, let's say I use the manual sort option to arrange my spreadsheet the way I want. Now I want to switch from Hierarchy view to Task view in order to get rid of all the folders/subfolders and have clean view of my schedule: --> It's a total mess, the Task view don't keep the way I sorted the tasks. Is it normal or did I miss something? Best,
  9. Hello Mattias, Thank you for your quick answers! Yes, that what I started to do. But If I move the items manually, can I be sure that the other users will see the spreadsheet the same way I organized it?
  10. Hello ftrack community, I am actually reviewing the product for an animation studio. I have few beginner questions, maybe you can help me? Sorting items in the spreadsheet I don't really understand how the product work to sort items (folders, tasks, etc.) in the spreadsheet. We like to keep things in a precise logical order, which is also very convenient for us in order to use the gantt tool properly. The best "method" I found here is to give a number to each item. But, it seems that ftrack always take into account the type of the asset first and then the name... Resulting in
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