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  1. Hello Mattias, Yes, 3.5.5 has fixed my issue with the custom attributes and is much faster. Great work guys! Thanks
  2. Under my settings this is what it says. My question is how do I go about upgrading to 3.5.x? ftrack version:
  3. Hello all, I am also experiencing the same issue with custom attributes. The only way to re-query is to start a new session. Is there an eta on the 3.5.0 release or is it possible for you to upgrade my site to that version as I am only developing right now. Thanks
  4. Hello, I have a custom attribute on a shot called "Shot Status" and it is an enumerator. Is it possible to assign custom colors to the options like in the picture below. Essentially like the priority column. Also is there a way to modify the style sheet to change the assignee name color, as it is hard to read in the picture below. Thanks!
  5. Hello all, I am making my own custom python app that is a plugin that is launched from Ftrack connect. Never mind, figured it out.
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