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  1. It looks like I'm simply trying to use the incorrect entity attribute here. It would be good if the schema behind the events was fully documented somewhere (currently it looks like you only describe the topic and source attributes) so we know how it should be structured. This would save me having to manually watch events to understand what changes as I add and remove entities in ftrack.
  2. Hi there, I'm finding some very odd behaviour with the ftrack-python-api 1.4.0 and ftrack version When using a simple example based on the docs, I get what seem to be incorrect events being reported. I can create an entity of any type and get it reported as an entity type of task? import ftrack_api import logging logger = logging.getLogger(__file__) def my_callback(event): print "Caught event" for entity in event['data'].get('entities', []): print entity['entityType'] logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO) logging.getLogger('ftrack_api').setLevel(level=logging.WARN) logging.getLogger('requests').setLevel(level=logging.WARN) session = ftrack_api.Session() session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.*', my_callback) session.event_hub.wait()
  3. Having attempted this again outside of the script in question, it appears this may well be because the "existing_component" is retrieved through use of query projections. I've been able to successfully remove the component when doing this in isolated script and querying the component directly so I guess I may well need to query the full component details rather than attempting to remove the projection query's result.
  4. I'm attempting to remove a component from the ftrack.server location following the instructions here: http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/locations/tutorial.html. I encounter an error when I attempt to remove a component published to the ftrack.server location as so: server_location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.server"').one() server_location.remove_component(existing_component) session.commit() There doesn't seem to be an accessor for the server location made available, there's a protected one within 'ftrack_api.accessor.server' but using this yields a number of other errors. How do I configure the location to correctly remove components?
  5. Is there a way to listen to when incoming/outgoing links are created/removed via the api? The ftrack.* topic doesn't seem to fire an event when a link is created. Alternatively is there a simple way to publish an event when a link is created/removed?
  6. Well, looks like I'm able to solve this issue by calling ftrack through a subprocess, still would be interested to know what the issue is.
  7. That's not the best screenshot, but you can see many failed (blank) icon instances when running the PySide app before ftrack-connect.
  8. Hey, could I get an invite to this group if it's still open? hi@niftydigits.com
  9. We have a custom build of ftrack-connect in the studio which triggers a call out to the main() method in ftrack-connect. This works well for us. Currently I'm trying to make some changes which allow us to switch environments prior to opening ftrack-connect. Unfortunately, when starting and then exiting/deleting any PySide based widget prior to calling connect's main method, ftrack loads with a number of errors showing. Both are using the same install of PySide. It's still functional but looks like the path to resources are getting confused. I get a number QPixmap errors repeated: QPixmap::scaleHeight: Pixmap is a null pixmap QPixmap::scaled: Pixmap is a null pixmap Does anyone at ftrack know why this might be happening?
  10. Ah, that's great - thanks lorenzo. Is there any reason not to contribute back to the original developers project?
  11. Hey - so postmodern's project no longer appears to be available on bitbucket. Is there any movement on ftrack planning on releasing an official houdini integration? It's the most upvoted idea on your roadmap and has been what - 3 and a half years now?
  12. Hi there, We use ftrack-connect-maya in order to manage our publishes. We're also using a 'master' scene file workflow to assist with layout of entire sequences. This file gets busy with a large number of rigs. When the time comes to move on to individual shots, we have a script that creates individual shot scene files from the master layout, based on sets of rigs. Part of this copies ftrackdata nodes from the original master file to the shot in order to reduce the load time of the maya scene for the shot task and remove unnecessary connections for the scene. Is there an impact of copying subsets of the ftracknodes in this way? Is there a better way to support this workflow?
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