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  1. I have a really silly question regarding tasks. I created some task types, and then created a task template. My tasks are • Layout • Blocking • Splining • Polish • Export In that exact order, but when I use the template on my project, it arrange them by letter (Blocking, Export, Layout, Polish, Splining). Is there a way to keep my original order?
  2. Same here marcelo@believe.tv
  3. I'm just starting with Ftrack and AE, but I have a critical question (for my needs) I created a new comp, and I published that comp. The thing is that if I go to where the comp is published as a render and AE project, the rendered file is name "main.mov" and the AE project is named "after-effect-project.ae". Is there any way to make it so is named after the comp? Or is there any way to change this? Any help is greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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