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  1. Hi, I am reviewing a bunch of versions in RV which are grouped by asset parent so that all versions of one shot are in one column. Now I would like to select all this versions of one group and load them in the timeline. Unfortunately selecting several versions mit pressed Shift button is restricted to work only horizontally. Only when I clear the group I can freely select what I would like to add to the timeline. Is there any way of doing that?
  2. Tree widget is probably a little bit missleading. What we would like to do is to include views that we defined for the Task view or the Versions view in a dashboard. So we set up filters and columns and save a view. And then in the widget the saved view is configured and shown in the dashboard for the current context. Having the possibility to write our own widgets is nice but it is complicated and I don't see why we should do it if it can be achieved with what is already there. But maybe you have an example for a widget that shows how existing UI components can easily be reused.