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  1. But the version we use is 2017. Exocortex does not support 3dsmax 2016 and 2017. I tried to download it, but it only contains Max 2010 to Max 2015.
  2. Hi ftrack, When I use ftrack-connect-3dsmax, I cannot publish alembic files. Isn't this plugin included from 3ds max 2016?
  3. cielo


    OK. I'll using a custom attribute to do it. If I create a attribute "CompletionDate" to record the date of completion of tasks and using the filter to filter the date range I would like to know. Can I use an expression to show percent task complete ( the number of completion / the number of tasks in the project)? not very familiar with the syntax...
  4. cielo


    Hi ftrack, I have a question about reports. Is it possible to view the task completion % by month? The filter can only find out the "task due date", but I would like to know the percentage of tasks which are actually completed this month. Is there anyway to do that?
  5. Hi ftrack, Is there anyway to export a file that contains the functions? For example, if I would like to know the done % of status, can it be included in the exported file?
  6. Hi, I am writing to follow up. Can the encoding process be done separately?
  7. Hi ftrack, I have a question about encoding. If a .mov file is uploaded to the ftrack server, can the encoding process be done on another server? Namely, can we have a ftrack server for storage and another server for encoding?
  8. Yes, please. That would be very helpful. Please contact me at Thank you for your help.
  9. I think setting disks in the system setting -> connect location can solve our problem about choosing a disk on a project basis. But I am still trying to figure out why publish can work properly in ftrack-connect-maya but not in ftrack-connect. When a version is published through ftrack-connect-maya, the files can be published to the right disk. But it seems that no files will be published to the disk if ftrack-connect is used. Do I need to configure something or write a plug-in ?
  10. OK, I see. Also, I found there's a disk setting in the system setting->connect location, if I add disks here, I can choose a location whenever a new project is created. But there's another problem about publishing, when I publish asset from ftrack-connect-maya plug-in, the files can be published to the correct disks. However, if I use ftrack-connect for publishing, it seems that the file can not be published to the disk. (Please see the attachment) I've published a maya file (version 6) using ftrack connect, there is a record of publish on the webpage, but there is no v006 file folder on the disk. How can I solve this problem?
  11. I have seen the document of Efesto Ftrack Proxy Location, it says if I want to tweak the code, I need to 1) Initialise an efesto-toolbelt shell 2) Append efesto-ftrack-proxy-location/source folder to the PYTHONPATH (or set it through the, but not recommended) 3) Now you can try to run the tests What is an efesto-toolbelt shell? Do I need to download it from an external source?
  12. I am a bit confused, I have created two locations, and And I need to configure storage scenario before publishing asset from ftrack-connect, but it looks like only one location can be configured. Is it possible to configure two locations? What I want to do is to choose a location whenever a new project is created, is there any way to do that?
  13. Hi ftrack, I've set some disks in System setting -> Connect Location, but what confuses me is if I want to use a custom folder structure when an asset is published(from ftrack-connect-maya), is there any way to revise the structure code in ftrack connect? Or do I need to write a custom structure plug-in?
  14. Hi Ftrack, I am trying to write location plug-ins for our studio. Assume I have two locations : server.a and server.b, how can I choose a location on a project basis? ex. project_A -> server.a and project_B -> server.b
  15. I found another problem when using the event listener, when a .tif file is uploaded, the thumbnail can be seen, but the image can not be played from web. Does this event listender only support .jpg and .png files?