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  1. Sorry Mattias, but these last days I could not do anything about it. Maybe next week. Thanks
  2. Hi Lorenzo, but I can't try to change any for now, because the work charge this week and next week are very large... I a few days I try to solve the problem with the administrator and your information. Stay in contact.
  3. Running from admin account have the same error, launching from Connect and launching from 3ds Max Icon too. It isn't a permission problem...
  4. I try to run 3ds max and connect from administrator account today and reply here. Thanks
  5. Yes, VC++ was installed by the System Admin. Yes 2015 - vc_redist.x64 - Windows 7 Enterprise Yes, I was reboot after installing.
  6. Hi Lorenzo, Yes, I installed VC ++ Redist before installing ftrack.connect, and all requirements are ok in my PC. Can it be a file permissions issue? The user account of windows 7 is not an administrator, it is a basic user. Thanks!
  7. Yes, 3DS Max open from Connect Now, but the error continues...
  8. Hi Mattias, I can't launch 3DS Max from Connect, because I don't have any connection. I only have PS in Connect.
  9. I solve this issue, moving *.py and *.pyc to: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\Python But now I have this warning: Runtime error: Line 7 <module>() <Type 'exceptions.ImportError'> No Module named ftrack
  10. Hi Ftrackers! I try to install FTrack Connect with 3DS Max integration and Connect runs ok, but I can't use the 3DS Max integration, because I don't see the action in to my Actions. I install vc-redis_x64 (Windows 7 Enterprise), and copy *.ms files to scripts/startup and move all dll's files to plugins folder (not stdplugins), but I receive this warning: Maxscript auto-load script error C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\Startup\ Runtime error: File not found This file ( is inside the scripts/startup folder.