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  1. I also have the same issue with Maya 2018.1. I'm on windows 10. Maya 2017 works fine. I get the Maya splash screen and then Maya hangs with no information to debug the process. I'm installed the 2017 redistro and still have the issue. -Dave
  2. Hi, 1st time post and 1st time in FTrack. Synopsis - I'd like to be able to review a collection of files, screen grabs, renders, playblasts etc for a single asset task and version of that task. Lets take sculpting as an example. Currently - The workflow we expected was to be able to upload using FTrack connect a collection of reviewable media against a task and version, but it seems we can only set 1 file as reviewable. User Story - We often outsource insulated tasks such as sculpting. It's easy for freelancers to capture quickly several images from the DCC and upload fo
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