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  1. I also have the same issue with Maya 2018.1. I'm on windows 10. Maya 2017 works fine. I get the Maya splash screen and then Maya hangs with no information to debug the process. I'm installed the 2017 redistro and still have the issue. -Dave
  2. Hi, 1st time post and 1st time in FTrack. Synopsis - I'd like to be able to review a collection of files, screen grabs, renders, playblasts etc for a single asset task and version of that task. Lets take sculpting as an example. Currently - The workflow we expected was to be able to upload using FTrack connect a collection of reviewable media against a task and version, but it seems we can only set 1 file as reviewable. User Story - We often outsource insulated tasks such as sculpting. It's easy for freelancers to capture quickly several images from the DCC and upload for review. They typically might be turntables with supporting images, close ups of details and reference images around the task in hand and the days work. Currently we've done this with Slack channels. Which is nice and easy. However we were after a more integrated solutions and were disappointed this isn't their out of the box. The idea of FTrack vs a slack channel was to use the power of the review session to get a better workflow and track those version changes. Not to mention the other benefits FTrack has to offer. -Dave
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