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  1. Hi there, I'm having a bit of a hard time keeping my list of tasks in the web view organized. I do like the various ways of filtering the view but one thing that is hindering my workflow is that the filtering always hides the unrelated tasks away. I'd like to have an overview of all tasks (filtered or not) but also have a visual guide as to which tasks are relevant to me. For example if I have a list of 50 tasks that are all related to a specific group/project/idea/tag but I personally only am interested in three of them. In such a case I would like to see all 50 of them but still be able to point out the ones that I'm interested in at the moment. As my interest might change over time I would like to be able to visually change the tasks relevant to me without loosing the overview of the whole. For me, the best case scenario would be if I could simply right-click on a task and assign a custom color to it. The color could be freely chosen and saved into a list of colors to choose from. I could also imagine this being a filter that can be applied to the view so that one can toggle it on or off. So basically it would be a filter that doesn't hide items that don't match the filter but shades the ones that do in a specific way. That color/filter would only be visible by my user or whoever chooses to apply it on their view. This would greatly improve the readability of long lists of tasks without forcing me to switch the filters to show a subset of tasks. Having to switch between filtered tasks is time consuming and in some cases frustrating as it's not easy to create filters that will only match the tasks required. Loosing the overview over other tasks that are currently not relevant to me but might become in the future is also a constant hiccup in my workflow. I hope this finds some resonance in the ftrack HQ as something to look into for a future release. Please see the attached screen capture as an example. Best, Vladimir