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    Francois got a reaction from AlbertoGz in Folders in Client review   
    This is a good idea that we are also looking forward to use.
    Here is a current use case we are facing : we are working on a show that contains several episodes, and we are working on different episodes simultaneously.  When creating a client review that contains shots from different episodes, we would like to be able to group those shoots depending on the episode they belong to.
    Right now, we can instead create a client review for each episode, but as AlbertoGz said, this would lead to a huge list of client review thus a huge number of associated mails.
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    Francois got a reaction from Mattias Lagergren in Photoshop CC 2017 extension - import Failed   
    Hi again Mattias,
    the new version of the Photoshop extension seems to work fine on both cases now (so on centralised stored scenario and on data stored on you servers). 
    Thank you very much!
    Here is the download link and the download page for the 0.1.5 version of the extension, as it as not been updated on the Adobe add-on page.